Floriana Lima will have a reduced role in Supergirl Season 3

By ·May 27, 2017 11:51 am

Floriana Lima, who plays fan-favourite character Maggie Sawyer on Supergirl, will be returning next season (hurrah!) but in a reduced capacity.

This means appearing in “multiple episodes” in Season 3 (the exact number of episodes is unclear at this stage), the quantity of which will be reduced in comparison to her appearances in Season 2.

According to Andrew Kriesberg, this is because Lima is “looking to pursue other opportunities.” This makes perfect sense to me, because Lima was also Miranda Riggs in Lethal Weapon Season 1, indicating that she is hot property in the TV world right now and that she can probably have her pick of new projects.

So while it will be sad to see her role reduced (everyone adored her character and her relationship with Alex in Season 2), I’m just happy the news is that she will be sticking around for some episodes, rather than that she will be departing the show entirely.

Floriana Lima wielding a shotgun as Maggie Sawyer in the penultimate episode of Season 2.

Think of how effective it was when Cat Grant returned after a long absence. It will be similarly thrilling when we see Maggie reappear out of the blue.

What this means for Maggie’s relationship with Alex is probably troubling, however. It seems to me that the writers now only have two choices: to keep the relationship going as a long distance relationship (perhaps Maggie will be called away on a new job far away), or to end the relationship. I think they might opt for the latter, which is sad, as they’re a great couple.

This is especially concerning given that Alex asked Maggie to marry her in the Season 2 finale and Maggie beamed at this, implying that her answer would be “yes.” So it’s a sticky situation for the writers to find themselves in, but short of recasting Maggie (which I don’t think they should do), there’s not a great deal that can be done, and these situations sometimes simply happen in TV when the actresses are sought after as Lima.


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