Fargo: Season 3 Episode 7 review – The Law of Inevitability

By ·June 1, 2017 4:08 pm

This review contains spoilers.

In case you’re wondering, we didn’t cover Fargo last week. This was due to limited resources. If you wish to apply to write for us, please visit our Write for Us page.

Unfortunately, neither last week’s episode nor this week’s episode have given me much hope for how the remainder of this season will pan out. Last week saw Ray die – absurdly by a shard of glass, when Emmit merely pushing a glass frame towards his brother’s face. It stretched the line of believability and clumsy coincidence even for a show such as this.

That left Nikki without her partner in crime and alone (and now incarcerated). This move has pulled the rug out from the Ray versus Emmit plot, leaving only the far less enjoyable Varga versus Emmit arc. I mentioned the show’s use of the grotesque last time and how the show is pushing that boundary too far this season.

Since then we have seen Varga pick at his gums with a sharp object, presumably with the intent to get them to bleed, which they do. It’s all intended to get us to view Varga as someone both maniacal and disgusting, but I would argue that they have crossed the line into too disgusting, which doesn’t bode well when it comes to that crucial question posed inwardly by any TV show fan: will I ever be eager to rewatch this season once it is over?

Moe Dammick (Shea Whigham) has been coming down hard on Gloria repeatedly, for her continued disregard for the rules.

Unfortunately, the answer for me is a big, resounding “no.” Season 1 and Season 2, on the other hand, are an immediate and excitable “yes” for that question. And even Season 3 was a “yes” at the point of its glorious third episode, which showed real original and artistic promise.

So you have to wonder what went wrong for Season 3 along the way and why Noah Hawley – as man with God-like status in the TV industry at the moment (even his peers – such as Damon Lindelof – revere his excellence) – has allowed this season to slide in quality (not into dire straits, but into considerably poorer ground than its predecessors). More optimistically, you could choose to wonder if the final three episode might pick up in quality once more, but I doubt it.

Even the endgame direction for those isn’t entirely clear. We know that everyone being bullied by Varga loathes Varga and the arc will probably see him brought down (not easily, for sure), but you would expect the season to have trodden someway towards that goal, at least a little, by now.

Instead, Varga is still as powerful as ever and the dramatic twists remain minor, such as whether Nikki will survive. That particular cliffhanger has been used as a closing mystery twice now: once with she was beaten up and again this week, with her being violently broken out of confinement.

Something needs to change this season. We need less Varga (or at least less of his grotesqueness and perhaps more of his intellect instead), less Nikki cliffhangers, more quirky and inventive episodes like Episode 3, and much more direction in the form of a narrative endgame.

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