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Trekkies can be quite particular and demanding when it comes to our fandom, but what fandom isn’t? The wait has been a long one for Star Trek to return to our favorite forum, the small screen, but as the days grow fewer for Star Trek: Discovery’s release from space dock it is becoming increasingly apparent that our wait will not have been in vain.

Time is Relavant

In a series that does an awful lot of time travel, many are quite excited that Star Trek: Discovery is returning to the timeline of the original series (TOS), before the recent cinematic reboot. It also takes place ten years prior to Captain Kirk and The Enterprise‘s five year mission, giving the series plenty of room for any number of cameos and recasts of old characters, including Vulcan ambassador Sarek and one Harry Mudd.

The main plot of the first season centres around The Federation’s interactions with The Klingon Empire, as their leadership makes the decision to reject interstellar diplomacy in an effort to preserve their culture. The timing of this central theme could not be more appropriate in terms of the present international and domestic political climate. Star Trek: Discovery intends to question the logic and morality of this kind of racial sequestering and exclusionary thinking.

T’Kuvma Of The Klingon Empire.

I’m a doctor, not a musician!

Released to fans and the curious earlier this week was the theme music for Star Trek: Discovery. The signature title credits of orchestra music, swooshing warp drives, ship exteriors and celestial bodies can get a hardcore Trekkie jumping on their sofa in excitement each week, leading to an uptick in furniture sales.

Many fans agree that while the theme music isn’t a warp factor ten out of ten, all are grateful that the lyrics and contemporary adult rock song of Enterprise’s opening credits has been marooned on a lifeless planet deep inside the Neutral Zone. The theme takes notes from TOS and expands upon them into a more modern piece of instrumental music.

The U.S.S. Discovery is finally out of space dock.

I don’t know if this ship can take it

We know at this point that Star Trek: Discovery actually involves two Starfleet ships, the Shenzhou and the title vessel Discovery, as well as a Klingon crew. Given that many of the main characters we’ve been introduced to begin the series serving on the Shenzhou, it seems logical that we may see a combining of crew members aboard the U.S.S. Discovery, perhaps in a tragedy similar to the premier of the Voyager series, or in a mission transfer and the decommissioning of the Shenzhou.

Captain Lorca of the U.S.S. Discovery.

To boldly go where no one has gone before

One of the reasons many people love Star Trek is its ability to break barriers and include a diverse cast of characters from every quadrant of the Galaxy. Among the ship corridors there is plenty of variety in terms of representation and character.

We know from films like The Undiscovered Country that alien prejudice is still a concept that Earthlings very much struggle with at this point in the future, and Discovery will be exploring that. Fans hope it will be done with the same thought provoking questions and sensitivity that the series has long been known for.

Lieutenant Saru, First Officer Michael Burnham, and Captain Philippa Georgiou on the bridge of the U.S.S. Shenzhou.

Consider this an act of war

Another major theme in this installation of the Star Trek franchise will be war. Plots involving interstellar war worked well for climactic episodes of DS:9 and in later episodes of TNG with the advancement of the Borg. At times however, some fans became exhausted by too many episodes of more heavy content, and longed for a break from rival factions in favor of more mysterious scientific phenomena, away missions, and holodeck mishaps.

With all of the serious moral dilemmas that cast and crew have told us Discovery centres on, some fans worry that too many weighty topics will overshadow the character centered comedy, and the scientific discovery of worlds and alien culture they cherish. With all the Starfleet veterans on board and lining up to lend their talents and knowledge to help produce episodes however, it seems almost certain these fears will prove unfounded.

Captain Georgiou and First Officer Burnham on an away mission.

Live long, and prosper

Division among fans of Star Trek has always been as prolific as Tribbles. Some thoroughly dislike entire seasons, specific characters, and whole series. Regardless of how many rant and groan about Star Trek: Discovery, there is likely to be just as many who insist it honors Gene Roddenberry’s creative vision and successfully resuscitates the series in its televised form.

One thing all can agree upon, however, is that there can be something found for everyone in the Star Trek universe, which has enabled the show and its films to span generations of fans. Only a week remains until we Will know how well Discovery will reflect (yes, that is a Mirror Universe pun) in the eyes of Trek fans across the universe.

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