Exclusive Pops Added to Funko’s Preacher Line of Pop! Vinyls

By ·June 3, 2016 10:00 am

Recently we broke the news that Funko will be releasing three Preacher Funko Pops, but we lamented the fact that Tulip hadn’t been included in the run. We suspected that she might be added to the Preacher line later on and we’re very happy to have been proven right!

Joining Jesse, Cassidy and Arseface, Funko just announced that they will be adding another three exclusive pops to the Preacher line. These will be Tulip O’Hare, a bloody Cassidy and a Jesse Custer raising his arms to the sky, as if beseeching the Lord (or cursing his name, we like to think).

Tulip O'Hare, a bloody Cassidy and Jesse Custer raising his arms to the sky.

Tulip O’Hare, a bloody Cassidy and Jesse Custer raising his arms to the sky.

These will, however, be exclusive pops (each for a different store), which will no doubt make them harder to attain than the other three, so we suggest that you begin pre-ordering soon, or that you keep a firm eye on that August release date.

So, not only have Funko weaved around the enormous mistake that would have been omitting Tulip, but they’re treating her as a more limited edition and unique pop that the others. We like it.

Cassidy drenched in blood is another very cool idea – and not only is he coated head to toe, but he’s also holding the bottle that he decants blood into after his plane brawl.

Jesse raising his arms is admittedly the pop that we are least excited about. This is only because he is dressed exactly the same as his other Funko pop, which means the only different is the raised arms and a different shaping to the eyebrows (plus no cigarette), which isn’t enough of a change for our tastes.

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August couldn’t come soon enough for us. We’re looking forward to snapping these exclusives up and adding them to our collection.

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