Everything we know about the new and upcoming Fallout 4 DLC expansions announced at E3

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This week at E3, Bethesda announced that three new DLC expansions will be heading our way very soon. These will be Contraptions, released next week, Vault-Tec Workshop, released in July, and Nuka World, released in August.

One of the best games of all time, for us, is the 50s-saturated, rads-ridden world of Fallout 4. So we fully appreciate all and any extensions to this world, right down to the gorgeous comic book/magazine-style art work that accompanies these DLCs expansions.

We loved the three DLC expansions that Bethesda released before this – Automatron, Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbour – so we’re fully aware of the kinds of expansive gameplay that Bethesda have in mind, in order to keep the longevity of Fallout 4 thriving.

Below you will find images and information about each of the three new DLC expansions.



The cover for the DLC expansion Contraptions.

The cover for the DLC expansion Contraptions.

As the tag line states – build incredible machines that do things! Contraptions allows you to build conveyor belts, sorting machines, elevators, scaffolding, greenhouses, warehouses, armour and weapon racks, and more. The trailer below shows that you can build elaborate Mouse Trap-style structures and that you can also build stockades to trap characters within while you hurl objects at them. We can’t wait.

A large workshop structure, built using the Contraptions DLC.

A large workshop settlement, built using the Contraptions DLC.


Vault-Tec Workshop

The cover for the DLC expansion Vault-Tec Workshop.

The cover for the DLC expansion Vault-Tec Workshop.

The Fallout Shelter vault app game was something that many people played for hours on end on their phones, so it seems smart for Bethesda to adopt the vault creation in-game (right down to the same camera view used to pan around the vault). Just like the app game, you can customise your vault to your liking, including, as the trailer below shows, experimenting on your dwellers. It’s a game we’ve played before, but not rendered in glorious 3D and we’re sure that this will offer many extras that the app game did not.

A large Vault, reminiscent of the view within the Fallout App Game, built using the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC.

A large Vault, reminiscent of the view within the Fallout Shelter app game, built using the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC.


Nuka World

The cover for the DLC expansion Nuka World.

The cover for the DLC expansion Nuka World.

We’re thrilled with this third and final DLC, which has the superb conceptual location of an amusement park. Much like Far Harbour, this will be a story-based DLC, but this time set within the ruins of an amusement park built by the makers of America’s number 1 beverage – Nuka-Cola. Upon arrival, you find that the park has since become overrun by raiders. Players will be able to explore areas such as Safari Adventure, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom and the Galactic Zone (which surely is what the DLC’s cover refers to).

While Far Harbour (as much as we loved it) brought us a gloomy island with synths and religious leaders, this DLC seems far more rooted in fun and games, and we can’t wait. You can view the teaser trailer for the Nuka World DLC below.

Characters standing outside the entrance of the Nuka-World theme park.

Characters standing outside the entrance of the Nuka-World theme park.

One very noticeable thing about all three of the DLC covers is that they all feature female characters. We love any game that pushes the importance of female lead characters, so this is perfect. The best of the three is easily Nuke World‘s cover, which adopts an old, Science Fiction-esque style (which is what we loved about the Automatron cover, back when that was released).

After these three DLCs are released, Bethesda have stated that they have no further expansions planned for the game, which is a shame, but they’re not saying never – they’re just saying not right now.

You can buy Contraptions next week, Vault-Tec Workshop in July and Nuka World in August.

Image credits: Bethesda, Sony

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