Find out what Lembas Bread, Nuka Cola QuanTum and more taste like, in our list of geeky food and drink recipes

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Today we’re going all geek chic with our baking skills. From Big Hero 6 to Steven Universe we bring you nine of our favourite geek inspired food and drink recipes from the worlds of gaming, animation and fantasy.

Have a look through our list and see if anything tickles your tastebuds, links to all of the relevant instructional videos and guides are provided at the end of each section.


Rainicorn Eggs from Adventure Time


Come on, grab a friend and go to a very distant land with these Rainicorn eggs! These eggs were made by Eric Resnick, and are featured in his book, Eating Ooo: Recipes and Art inspired by Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time. He incorporates a lot of elements into this recipe, noting that the eggs and kimchi used symbolize Jake and Lady’s babies, that kimchi is Korean (Lady speaks Korean), and that Jake likes eggs.

You can find the recipe for just these Rainicorn eggs (as opposed to buying the whole recipe book) over on Fiction-Food Cafe website.


Elven Lembas Bread from the Lord of the Rings


This special bread, known to be made by the Elves of The Lord of the Rings, is sure to be a blast at second breakfast! In Middle-Earth lore Lembas bread is usually formed into thin cakes and wrapped in Mallorn leaves. Due it’s longevity and filling nature it is often used for long journeys where non-perishable foods are required. It’s said that Lembas bread is tastier than most other cakes in Middle-Earth.

Check out Geeky Chef for the full Lembas Bread recipe and a template for the Mallorn leaves you’ll use to wrap the bread in.


Nuka Cola QuanTum from the Fallout series


This refreshing soft drink from Fallout 3 can be right at your fingertips and you won’t even have to go out into the wasteland to get it. For those not in the know Nuka Cola is the world’s favourite soft drink following the nuclear war that ravaged the earth of the Fallout series. Nuka Cola QuanTum is said to contain the essences of 18 most likely irradiated fruit essences, which probably explains the fact it glows a bright blue!

All you have to do is head over to Geekychef where you can find all of the instructions you need to make this delicious soft drink.


Lego brick and minifigure shaped Gummy sweets


Never again shall you feel the attrocious pain that comes with treading on an errand LEGO brick, well at least with these gummy versions. Grant Thompson (The King of Random) shows us how to make these edible LEGO bricks and minifigures using just corn syrup, jello and gelatin!

You can find all of the information you need to make these gummy LEGO sweets over on Grant’s instructional YouTube video.


Game Controller inspired cookies


Whether you you’re XBOX, Playstation, or Wii kind of gamer these cookies are perfect for all. Besides looking tasty these controller cookies are going to make the perfect stand in for when you rage quit a game and smash your controller. Even if you’ve never obliterated your controller while getting full on rekt at Dark Souls, we all know someone who has. It’s far better to clean up cookie crumbs than it is to do the walk of shame into Gamestop once again.

Jump over to Rosanna Pansino’s video to see how to make these cookies!


Estus potion from the Dark Souls series


Speaking of Dark Souls, you can now bring to life the famous healing potions of Dark Souls III. Estus is the primary healing item in the game and while it’s flavour is never expressed, the creator Geekychef, says that when asking Dark Souls fans he got answers such as “like molten lava” and “like Sunny Delight.” With that in mind he says, “I made an amalgamation of the citrus and fire responses that seemed to be common.”

You can see how Geekychef crafts Estus over at his website.


Cookie Cat from Steven Universe

Cookie Cat

We could tell you about the Cookie Cat from Steven Universe, but why should we when it already has it’s own jingle:

He’s a frozen treat with an all new taste,

cause he came to this planet from outer space.

A refugee of an interstellar war,

But now he’s at your local grocery store.

Cookie Cat!

He’s a pet for your tummy,

Cookie Cat!

He’s super duper yummy,

Cookie Cat!

He left his family behind,

Cookie Caaaaaat! Now available at Gurgens off Rt. 109.

Learn to make these delicious Cookie Cat treats at Feast of Fiction’s video!


Paopu Fruit Pops the Kingdom Hearts series

Regarding the Paopu fruit from the Kingdom Hearts games, it is said that “If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They’ll remain a part of each other’s lives no matter what.” Due to it’s love twined lore, Rosanna Pansino has created a cute Paopu inspired pop that you can make at home, perfect for sharing with your crush or loved one.

Check out Rosanna Pansino’s videos to see how to make these cute pops.


Baymax inspired cake pops from Big Hero 6

These super easy cake pops are inspired by Baymax, the fun, loveable and inflatable robot from Disney’s Big Hero 6 film. Nerdache Cakes shows us to how to make these easy Baymax cake pops, in both armoured and unarmoured version, in her easy to follow video tutorial. With summer break coming up these are perfect getting the kids involved with a small baking project.

Find out how to make these glorious Baymax pops on Nerdache Cakes youtube video.

These geek inspired treats from the worlds of gaming, animation and fantasy are perfect for snacking on while you binge watch your favorite shows and movies with all friends. For the parents out there some of these treats would make exceptional additions to your child’s packed lunch, your kid will be the envy of the playground when they turn up with gummy LEGO sweets. Tell us in the comments which snack is your favorite or what food you would like to see replicated!

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Image Credits: All images belong to their respective creators, all of whom have been linked to in the relevant recipe section.

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