Ever wanted to lick Uranus? – Well now you can with these Solar System inspired lollipops

By ·June 8, 2016 1:50 pm

Fresh from outer space come ten extraordinary, planetary themed gourmet lollipops. Handcrafted in the USA, these clear lollipops feature encapsulated images of the Sun and planets from our Solar System even including the most neglected of planets, Pluto.

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Each individual lollipop has a unique flavour and features a clear sugar front with an encapsulated image of your favourite solar entities plus black coloured backs. The space themed lollipops come individually wrapped in a gift box of ten lollipops (one of each of the planets and the sun) plus a handy flavour card.

The Solar System lollipops are perfect for sharing, but given the range of gourmet flavours these come in, we know you won’t be sharing any:

  • Sun – Marshmallow
  • Mercury – Tropical Punch
  • Venus – Cherry
  • Earth – Cotton Candy
  • Mars – Pear
  • Jupiter – Key Lime
  • Saturn – Guava
  • Uranus – Blackberry
  • Neptune – Mango
  • Pluto – Strawberry / Kiwi
In order from left to right : Mars (pear), Sun (marshmallow) and Saturn (guava) lollipops

In order from left to right : Mars (pear), Sun (marshmallow) and Saturn (guava) lollipops

Besides being some of the best gravity inducing lollipops this side of the Milky Way, they would make for quaint accessories to anybody wanting to cosplay Galactus or Silver Surfer. Go to town as Silver Surfer heralding the destruction of a dying planet or go all out and show your friends how you can consume a planet to sustain your life force just as well as old school Galactus can!

If nothing else you can go hell for leather with all of the Uranus puns you could ever think of, I know I will.

— insert crude Uranus references here —

You can purchase a set of 10 planetary lollipops from Firebox in the UK for £19.99 and our American friends can purchase a set from ThinkGeek for $29.99.

Image Credits: Firebox.com

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