Dusk arrives this October – you’ll be knee-deep in blood and pixels in this new retro shooter

By ·September 2, 2017 11:42 am

Dusk will arrive in full on October 31st – a retro-style PC game from New Blood Interactive. Gaming technology keeps striding forward in its attempts to immerse us, yet many find themselves returning happily to the old school. Back to a simpler time when games didn’t have the luxury of running off multi-gigabyte graphics processors and being forced to focus on, you know, making the game FUN instead of pretty.

That’s the main appeal of retro games; they are free of the graphical burdens that constrain most modern games and can just cut loose with their gameplay. That’s why a particular upcoming game, which looks like it was made twenty years ago, has me more excited than most modern Triple-A games.

Dusk is as retro as retro gets and I mean that in the awesomest way possible. Taking its inspiration from FPS classics like Doom and Blood, Dusk’s meagre plot involves you, the player, waking up on a meat hook in a hellish dungeon beneath a blighted rural farmland.

Arming yourself with a pair of scythes and a double-barreled shotgun, you proceed to slash and blast your way through a landscape rife with cultists, possessed rednecks, and zombie livestock on your way to uncover the ancient evil that threatens to engulf the world.

You move and kill as fast as Doomguy through large, densely-designed levels with nothing on your mind except exterminating evil in hope of living to see the dawn. As you can see, the graphics are as retro as hell and hearken back to a time when we were playing classics like Quake. Back when gameplay came first. Unlike now, with games being more pre-occupied with storytelling and player empathy.

As with the old tradition of shareware PC games, Dusk is being released episodically with the first chapter out now and the rest to be released, appropriately, around Halloween.

Image credits: New Blood Interactive


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