Duncan Jones to Make Two More Films Within the Moon Universe

By ·June 4, 2016 5:31 pm

On a recent Nerdist podcast with Chris Hardwick, Duncan Jones addressed his long term goal to make his dream project. This is a film called Mute, which Jones describes as a “Science Fiction Casablanca, but in Berlin”.

Jones is the director of the superb modern Science Fiction classic Moon, as well as the perfectly decent Source Code and also the recent Warcraft: The Beginning, which in all honesty we found to be awful, but we remain strong fans of Jones despite this mis-step.

Jones stated that he is hopeful that he’s be making Mute as his next film, which is a project that he has been pushing for for over 14 years (“this is my Jones Don Quixote“, Jones joked). Hardwick commended Jones’ patience in waiting so long to get his project to the screen.

Jones says that Mute‘s chance of happening is much better now than it was when he just got out of film school and wanted to make the film with Sam Rockwell. He explained that the upside is that Mute will be a much better film now than it would have been if it had been released back then, due to the project having changed so much over this period.

Duncan Jones directing Sam Rockwell on the set of Moon.

Duncan Jones directing Sam Rockwell on the set of Moon.

Sam Rockwell is also going to have a little cameo in Mute, which we love the sound of. How might Rockwell feature? This is the good news. After the podcast aired, Nerdist put up an article on their site which explained that Mute  will be part of the same universe (the “Moon-iverse” as Jones calls it) as fan favourite Moon. This means than Rockwell will certainly be playing some version of Sam Bell (likely the clone that made is back to Earth and/or the real Sam Bell who lives on Earth with his family).

Mute isn’t even the only film in this universe that Jones has lined up. He explained that he already has the third instalment in this trilogy written too, which has a female lead. Jones revealed that he did try to get this film made after Source Code, but that there was less of a willingness for female-led Science Fiction back then. This attitude has shifted in modern cinema. “I think there’s more of a willingness for that to happen and I certainly think it’s about time,” Jones explained.

Here at The Nerd Recites, we are huge fans of Moon and we adore the fact that Jones will be returning to this universe. We’re also big fans of female lead Science Fiction, so we are very much looking forward to both Mute and that third film.

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