Dead Rising 4: E3 gameplay trailer shows us the return of Frank West to Willamette

By ·June 13, 2016 7:58 pm

Exciting news today for fans of the wacky, over-the-top with gore game franchise – Dead Rising, as we now have our very first look at the next installment of the wonderfully silly, blood and guts filled series.

Returning to the setting of the very first game, Willamette, just in time for Christmas, Frank West must utilise a wide range of every day objects to absolutely destroy the undead horde, as well as defend himself against the usual string of unhinged survivors. Over the years, Dead Rising has offered a good number of memorable, completely insane ‘psychopaths’, such as Adam the Clown, Randy Tugman, and Brent Ernst, and no doubt, Dead Rising 4 will add to the list.

We can't wait to beat up zombies with pieces of public footpaths.

We can’t wait to beat up zombies with pieces of public footpaths.

As of right now, nothing is actually known about the storyline, or what has made Frank decide to return to Willamette, but one thing is for certain, we’re going to love being back there. One can’t help but wonder if we’ll have access to the mall once again – judging from the trailer, there’s a very good possibility. The trailer shows Frank sat comfortably on a chair, with a Christmas Tree of corpses going up in flames in front of a set of escalators.

Dead Rising is well known for its wide selection of inventive weapons, such as the knife gloves, and paddlesaw. It would be amiss for a follow up game to forgo any inclusion of this feature, so naturally, Dead Rising 4 will include a whole new collection of regular, and combined weapons. In the trailer, we see that the developers are clearly fans of The Walking Dead, as Frank walks around holding a baseball bat wrapped in barbwire, an obvious reference to Negan’s Lucille. As stated above, this is a wacky game, and a wacky game such as this requires more than a baseball bat and barbed wire, it will need heavy weapon power suits, Triceratops masks that spit fire, and… well, we don’t even know what to call some of the drivable weapons.

Dead Rising 4 will be released exclusively on the XBox One towards the end of 2016.

Image Credits: Capcom.

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