DC unveil The Devastator – the nightmare Batman with Doomsday powers

By ·September 8, 2017 7:15 am

DC’s latest glimpse into the Dark Knights, the team of evil Batman dopplegangers with powers of the Justice League members or their villains, may just be the most terrifying yet. With the powers of Doomsday, the villain famous for killing superman in 1993’s Superman #75 and his appearance in Zach Snyder’s Batman v Superman, The Devastator will feature in a one shot origin story as well as the main Dark Knights: Metal event.

In the newly released artwork for the Batman: The Devastator one-shot by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson, we see the Batman Doomsday hybrid towering over what looks to be a ruined Metropolis. Now, we don’t know exactly what caused the destruction of the city or why this dark multiverse Bruce Wayne would resort to ingesting the Doomsday toxin but Scott Snyder, the writer of the Dark Knights: Metal event has offered some clues in the past:

“What if [Bruce had] this one turn as a kid and wanted to bring his parents back in a way that would take him into the dark? What if after Superman died, Batman started experimenting with the Doomsday virus in a way that would prevent this from ever happening again, but he goes too far?… Why Bruce might use the Speed Force to try and be faster should a catastrophe have happened. Why he might go up against Ares.”

There you have it. It seems to be a safe bet that in this dark world Superman died and remained dead, unlike the main universe’s counterpart. Whether or not Bruce is the culprit in the death of this Superman, or if he’s merely reacting to his death remains to be seen, but there are definitely going to be major repercussions when The Devastator makes his debut.

Batman: The Devastator #1 cover by Jason Fabok.

Batman: The Devastator #1 by Writer Frank Tieri and artist Tony S. Daniel will release on November 1st, and you can get a sneak peak on his Dark Knights teammates like The Batman Who Laughs, and the Green Lantern Batman, The Dawnbreaker on our site as well.

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