DC unveil Doomsday Clock at NYCC

By ·October 7, 2017 2:51 am

Last year’s DC Rebirth one shot teased fans with the Watchmen‘s arrival in the DC universe but now the wait is almost over. With the twelve-part miniseries Doomsday Clock by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank revealed at New York Comic Con, fans will finally get to see the arrival of Doctor Manhattan and the rest of the Watchmen crew into the main DCU.

Doomsday Clock, set to release in November of this year, has been kept largely quiet by DC publishers (although a plethora of hints have been dropped in the Rebirth publishing line) until Friday night with Johns heading a panel on the upcoming miniseries.

The panels moderator, author Lev Grossman, asked Johns how Doomsday Clock takes stylistic inspiration from Watchmen, to which Johns replied: “When you open the book, I wanted people to go, ‘That has an echo and reminds me of Watchmen,’” and specifically referred to Watchmen‘s now famous nine panel grid layout, to which Doomsday Clock will borrow.

Johns also showed the first six unlettered pages of the book (which have since been released fully lettered) which opens with a narrator giving us a date of November 22, 1992 for the events of Doomsday Clock. This places it a full seven years after the events of Watchmen, but also maybe more significantly right smack dab in the middle of the events of The Death of Superman, where Superman is killed by the villain Doomsday. Either way, the narration points us to the direction of the world and how society is failing because in a world without God  without Doctor Manhattan.

Page one of Doomsday Clock, revealing the fallout from the events of Watchmen.

Perhaps the biggest reveal of the panel is on the final page of the preview, in which we see a major character return from the pages of Watchmen and also revealed as the narrator from page one Rorschach. A surprising return to be sure as Rorschach seemingly dies at the end of Watchmen, and although his return is not yet explained Johns assures us: “He’s in a very familiar place, if you read DC Comics.”

Grossman and Johns then had an exchange on the amount of humor in Doomsday Clock, to which Grossman applauded. “People think if something is gritty, serious and dark, it’s realistic,” Johns replied. “I think people laugh every day. Humor is necessary, and it’s a part of life. That’s realistic. The stakes are high, obviously, but there is a humor, a quirkiness and an oddness throughout the whole series.”

Johns also stressed that Doomsday Clock is a standalone series and will feature no tieins, which are a hotly contested topic in the comic community, and gave a final release date of November 22, 2017 before the panel ended.

Page six of Doomsday Clock, featuring the return of Rorschach.


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