Funko to Release Limited Edition DC Black & White Funko Pops

By ·May 23, 2016 5:04 pm

Funko have decided to expand upon their Funko Pop variants by adding a series of limited edition black and white comic book Funko Pops to their roster.

These seem to be restricted to only the comic book versions of The Flash, Superman, Harley Quinn and The Joker so far, all of which are available for pre-order now, with a June 16th release date.

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The only difference between these and the existing Funkos for these characters is that these are devoid of colour. This might seem like a pointless purchase, then, especially if you already own these Funko characters.

We beg to differ, however. All it takes it a look at the B-MO Noire Funko to see why:

The B-MO Noire Funko relates directly to an episode of Adventure Time, in which B-MO investigates a case as a detective.

The B-MO Noire Funko relates directly to an episode of Adventure Time, in which B-MO investigates a case as a detective.

B-MO’s colouring here directly relates to a specific Adventure Time episode, but his black and white appearance is entirely charming regardless of this relevance to the show, and he arguably looks even cuter than the colourful B-MO Funko Pop options.

It is the uniqueness of the colouring that makes these Funkos a worthwhile purchase. Most things look cooler in black and white; just think how retro and prominent these would look on your shelf, amidst all of your other Funkos.

These are also limited edition Funkos, which means that they are likely to sell out quickly. This rare factor only adds to their uniqueness.

We would love to see this black and white range branched out and applied to other DC comic book Funko characters. Funko are clearly testing the waters with these four first, however, before they begin to add more limited edition DC black and white Funkos to their catalog. We would love to see a black and white Supergirl, for starters.

And who knows – if Funko find success with these, then maybe other companies like Marvel might follow suit in allowing their characters to be given the black and white treatment also. Captain America would look superb in black and white, not to mention this tying into his World War II origin.

These limited edition black and white Funko Pops will be released on June 16th and are available to pre-order now from such sites as Pop in a Box.

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