Dayjob Studios launches an original comic book series set in the brutal world of Hotline Miami

By ·July 6, 2016 1:44 pm

From today, fans of the widely popular Hotline Miami games will be treated to a new entry into the universe in the form of an original eight part comic series entitled Hotline Miami: Wildlife.

Endorsed by Dennaton Games, the very first issue of Hotline Miami: Wildlife is available right now, with the remaining seven issues being released on a monthly basis at a cost of $1.99 each, downloadable in both PDF and CBR formats via: Each issue in the series will contain 30+ pages of well written, and strikingly artistic content. 

This original spin-off story is told from the perspective of a brand new character known as Chris, and chronicles his struggle to deal with an upcoming war, as well as his self-destructive tendencies, and the mysterious ‘pseudo-patriots’ of 50 Blessings. Fans of the franchise will be introduced to whole new locations, enigmatic masked figured, while additionally exploring the dark and disturbing themes that fans have come to enjoy from the games. Despite both the story and events not being considered canon to the Hotline Miami universe, Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital have both offered their blessing to the project after the success and brilliant regarding the Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number digital comic series.

Having read the first issue, I’m happy to inform you that this comic does not disappoint. The levels of violence seen within the game series are indeed present within these thirty pages, with beautiful art, and well written dialogue. Despite this being the first issue, you learn a significant amount of the main character Chris (including his habits, acquaintances, and a few of his paranoid beliefs). We here at The Nerd Recites are looking forward to seeing where this story goes, and will definitely be checking out the future issues in the series.


Written by: Federico Chemello & Maurizio Furini.

Art by: Alberto Massaggia, Ludovica Ceregatti, Andrea Dotta, & Andrea Errico.

The first issue of Hotline Miami: Wildlife is available for purchase right now, and fans can pre-purchase the entire series which will save 25% off the cover price.

Image credits: Dennaton Games, Dayjob Studio, and Devolver Digital.

Written by Oliver Ducker

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