Day of the Dead remake casts Legends of Tomorrow and The Shannara Chronicles stars

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Another George Romero classic being given the remake treatment. This time it is Romero’s third zombie film, Day of the Dead. Originally released in 1985, Day of the Dead is about a group of survivors who take refuge in a fortified and occupied military base.

Directed by Hector Hernandez Vicens (The Corpse of Anna Fritz) and written by Jeffrey Reddick (of the Final Destination series), Day of the Dead is already in the filming phase of production and the casting news is currently flowing in thick and fast.

Jonathon Shaech – best known as Jonah Hex in The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow – has been cast as Max (a name that does not feature in the original film), who is half-human and half-zombie. To us, this sounds close to the character of Bob in the original, who was a zombie who was taught to think and learn. Perhaps one change that the remake is making will be to show a more advanced stage of this, in the human/zombie hybrid named Max.

Jonathon Shaech has been cast as the half-human/half-zombie, Max.

Jonathon Shaech has been cast as the half-human/half-zombie, Max.

We are also Legends of Tomorrow fans here and we thought that Shaech did a good job portraying Jonah Hex (which isn’t an easy role to pull off) and we’re happy that he’s an actor who is remaining in the public eye. He’s also no stranger to the make-up process, due to the burns of Hex’s face, so we’re excited to see how he will look as a half-human and half-zombie character.

Marcus Vanco

Marcus Vanco has been cast as soldier and survivor Baca Salazar.

Marcus Vanco has also been cast in a leading role. He is best known for his role as Bandon in MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles. Marcus has been cast in the role of Baca Salazar (another name that doesn’t relate to the original film), who is a soldier and survivor.

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This sounds to us like either one of the soldiers who are already hiding out in the military base (which might make him a villain), or one – more likely – one of the group members who enter the military base for refuge.

Avi Lerner, Boaz Davidson and James Dudelson are producing, and the film does not yet have a release date.

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