Dark Matter: Season 3 Episode 6 review – One Last Card to Play

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This review contains spoilers.

Alternatively titled ‘One More Card to Play’ on some sites (Mallozzi named it ‘One Last Card to Play’, so I did too), this episode held the nice surprise that was bringing the dark Raza crew back into the narrative. We last saw them in Season 2, but a handful of the group – minus Jace Corso, because he is “not a team player” (read that as “Marc Bendavid has left the show for good”) – have since crossed over into our reality.

This dark crew – who are a shining example of what our Raza crew would be like if they hadn’t had their memories erased – were one of the very best elements of Season 2. So bringing them into Season 3 now has elevated what was already a really strong season.

It also sheds better light on why Joseph Mallozzi might have gone for the red motif in the marketing material. It could be a way to emphasise the dark Raza crew rather than the crew we know and love, which might mean that they will be a bigger factor in this season that one might assume.

The introduction was crafted to baffle and surprise – we thought Two and Three were helping out a group of prisoners of the Ishida regime, only to see them execute every single captive in the final moment. It was a sly little reintroduction to these dark alternates.

Joining this dark crew were the alt-universe’s Tash (Jessica Sipos) and Wexler (Ennis Esmer), the latter of which I’ve grown to have more affection for as an actor since watching his humorous recent turn in You Me Her (both seasons). That small scene in which he questioned Two about the manner of his alternate’s death was a nice back and forth.

Other great moments included Solara’s test punch, with her fully believing (correctly) that Wexler had no back up in the trees, the Portia versus (our) The Android fight, which was brief but so much fun to watch, and Adrian’s little comment about hoping that his alternate would be a concert pianist.

Dark Portia and Dark Marcus convincing captives that they are there to help.

The bitter shame though is that Adrian and Solara are leaving already. One disappointing aspect of this show is the way that Mallozzi brings in new characters, gets you to love them, then rips them away from you. Nyx is the prime example of this, but we were also deprived of a reformed Six recently, and now Adrian and Solara, who we have basically only just met.

Five seemed dismayed and I am too – I can only hope that it’s a temporary meander, before they are both brought back in. It seems such a shame to have done such great work with them on all levels – writing, performances, etc. – only to remove them from the board. It’s almost as if we’re destined never to have a new, permanent crew member.

Going back to Six – the episode closed with a birds-eye view of the site at which Six chose to stay, which appeared to be littered with bodies. This will no doubt spur our crew to go down and check on Six, whose fate remains a mystery at the moment (but the promo below clears this up).

One possible answer here is that Ryo was involved in the decimation of that site and that our crew will go down to find Six dead or wounded (physically or emotionally), which will then further fuel their mission to kill Ryo. As I mentioned before, I think this season will almost play out like an argument that spirals out of control – with the eye for an eye approach being taken, until both sides (The Raza and Ryo) remain blind.

Two stated that their primary concern is hunting down the dark crew. We saw Dark Portia eager to strike an alliance with Commander Nieman, who said he’s “listening”. This feud might act as a welcome mid-season deviation, before circling back around to The Raza versus Ryo for the season’s final few episodes.

This was an excellent episode – one of the most powerful weapons in this show’s armoury is the dark Raza crew and any episode that they appear in is always SF gold. The promo for next week shows that Six does survive the “chemical attack”, but that he is the only survivor. It also shows him going rogue on The Raza, which could be interesting.

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