Dark Matter: Season 3 Episode 3 review – Welcome to the Revolution

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This review contains spoilers.

Following the eventful double-opener, this week took a step down into the trenches, so the speak, as our characters got among a colony of people and the tyrant who was trying to manipulate them. This all led to the removal of one of our core characters.

That character is Six. Although he betrayed the group once (and back then, I thought he might leave the show due to that betrayal, but he didn’t), everyone has long since forgiven him and apart from his regular apologies, he’s been a pleasure to have around.

So to say farewell to him now is a bit of a surprise. Six (after an extremely cool Western-style execution of the man he knew to be wicked) decided that he could do more good staying amidst this colony and staying on The Raza.

It’s a nice departure for him and I’m sure that won’t be the last that we see of Roger Cross (I imagine he has been dropped from series regular to series ‘recurring’, perhaps even at his own request, given that he’s a popular actor among Vancouver-shot shows).

This led to a touching farewell, with each of our crew members saying goodbye (temporarily) to him in their own unique way. Five’s tearful farewell was as heart-wrenching as you’d expect, but Three’s “Guess I’m the last man standing. Do some good,” was brilliant and made me realise that he’s right: he’s now the only male crew member on The Raza. Every other male has either died (One), defected (Four) or left (Six). Having a female-heavy cast is a great thing, especially when you have Three among them.

With that departure came some room for new recruits. We already knew that Solara and Adrian would be joining the show, but they have arrived sooner than I expected. So far, Solara has been quite the silent bodyguard type and Adrian has been – as someone pointed out – “a pretty good Tabor,” meaning he is as outspoken and sly as the man that he serves. Something tells me that Adrian will indeed get himself in trouble, as Two implied.

The wide array of Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries that Ryo employs.

Neither of the newbies seem remotely as unique and brilliant as Nyx was, so far, but I’m open to giving them both a chance. It takes time to get to know new characters, but the sting of Nyx leaving make it a little bit harder to openly accept these newcomers, in my opinion. No only because they seem inferior to Nyx, but because they could also be killed off before the season ends, just like she was.

One more additional character was arguably added to the crew this week (though she has been on board for a while). This was Three’s wife Sarah, who is present on board in digital form. As Five explained, it both is and isn’t Sarah; it’s an upload of her mental construct. Three’s shocked reaction was more than understandable, but I think he’s going to thoroughly grasp hold of the opportunity to visit Sarah and that he might even indulge in her company too often/to his own detriment (think of last season’s ‘Take the Shot’ and how he nearly gave his life for Sarah in that episode).

One very cool, The Empire Strikes Back-esque moment, just before the credits rolled, was Ryo lining up an whole row of Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries in front of him, before ordering them to “take back what’s mine and take out the crew of The Raza.” This is a sharp about turn for the man who clearly looked dismayed at Nyx’s death last week.

I thought there was still some caring in him, for the rest of our crew, but perhaps not, because this was very clearly an execution order. I do love how Mallozzi is going full antagonist with Ryo and it makes me think, even more now, that our crew might actually have to indeed take him out before the season is over.

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This episode wasn’t as effective as the double opener for me, but it did a few things very well, such as removing certain pieces from the board and adding new ones. I think it will most prominently stick in the minds of Dark Matter fans as a fond farewell to Six.

Don’t forget – next week is the “coo coo bananas” episode that Mallozzi teased! I can’t wait. The show is at its absolute best when it pushes its own boundaries – either in the realm of SF or the realm of comedy – with this episode being the latter. Have a look at the promo and you’ll see the kind of musical strangeness that we’re in for.

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