Dark Matter: Season 3 Episode 13 review – Nowhere to go

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This review contains spoilers.

Last week was like a finale in and of itself, so it makes sense that this closing episode would feel like a tranquil come-down, in comparison. Not much happened with Ryo (as you might have guessed – Two didn’t go ahead with the execution). Nor did that much happen with the dark crew. Instead, the central focus (even though it lingered unseen for much of the episode) was the aliens.

As Dark Matter villains go, I’m not their biggest fan. We haven’t seen their true forms – they merely possess the characters we love, which makes them more of an annoying complication (because this means you could have three versions of any member of crew) than admirable villains. I’d much rather this season’s conclusion had centred solely on the dark crew, or on Ryo.

Instead, we learned that Two has been “compromised” (taken over by one of the aliens – presumably in ‘The Dwarf Star Conspiracy’), which in turn spurred her to manipulate events towards opening an anomalous portal for the rest of her kind to use to enter our world. This brought us that promised fleet – the black ships that Five mentioned in the flashforward earlier on in the season (and in conversations with our crew).

Two and Three, in the Dark Matter Season 3 finale.

From a writing point of view, I’m not sure that Five needed to reiterate that here by stating “the black ships” once more, but it will no doubt serve as a quick reminder for those who might have forgotten about her prophetic checklist.

Whether the spawning of the anomaly was the true and final end of Six is open to debate. It certainly looked as though he met his death, but if that’s the case, then I feel like they undervalued his final moments. Despite Five’s little hug, it didn’t feel like a strong enough ending for our gentle hero (the urge to make a Big Hero 6 reference here is strong, but I’ll resist).

I wouldn’t rule out the chance that Six has been transported into the universe that the aliens came from, or – more likely – transported directly onto one of their ships (in which case, he’ll probably come back possessed too). If we lose our crew one-by-one to the aliens, then we might be left with only a bare-bones Raza resistance (which will no doubt include Five, who often alludes trouble), which could be a fun set-up for the beginning of Season 4.

Wexler returned this week (“beauty and brains”), which was nice to see. Ennis Esmer’s comedic charm is always welcome. We’d usually be granted a bit of Wexler wit in the more filler-style episode, throughout the season. To have him in a finale felt a little unusual.

Wexler (returning this week) and Two.

Although Ryo wasn’t in this episode a great deal, the few moments that saw him interact amicably and willingly with our crew were really endearing to watch. I love it when a villain about-turns and tries his best to redeem himself – slowly winning over the good guys until he becomes part of their team (Sebastian Monroe in Revolution is the best example of this). I said before that I don’t want an overly-apologetic Ryo, but if his version of an apology is acting as honourable and helpful as this, then I’m game.

Mallozzi is great at crafting seasons that are brimming full of inventive, touching and exceptional SF, but when it comes to finales, I feel like the show falls down a little. Just like last year – we’ve been left with an explosive cliffhanger in space, with some crew member’s fates left hanging in the balance. And similarly to last year – this finale is far from the best episode of the season (I would rank it joint last with ‘The Dwarf Star Conspiracy’ – which was also about the aliens). Conversely, with many other shows it’s the finales that truly shine.

I hope you’ve parted from Season 3 with even more adoration for Dark Matter that you had at the end of Season 2. Each and every year Mallozzi exceeds expectations, elevating us beyond what I thought was possible. It’s rather worrying that there’s still been no news of a renewal. I can only hope SyFy are just being a little slow about providing one – it would be very upsetting for the legions of fans who get behind this show if it was suddenly crushed under heel. There’s only one thing to say in this dangerous situation:

Ryo? We need your help.

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