Dark Matter: Season 3 Episode 11 review – The Dwarf Star Conspiracy

By ·August 12, 2017 10:22 am

This review contains spoilers.

Dwarf Star have always been shady, but this week pulled the curtain back to reveal just how conniving the corporation has been. As The Raza crew make an unplanned planetary stop, they uncover Dwarf Star’s biggest secret.

That secret concerned the aliens who have been seen and mentioned on the show prior to now. Our crew uncovered an enormous facility containing countless engineered simulants – of varying ages, so that they can infiltrate like spies – while Three experienced some heady visions of these beings, who made efforts to communicate with him directly.

All of this also involved the anomaly that we saw at the start of this season, which these aliens used here as a means of entry into our world. As Two mentioned – we know these aliens have a penchant for taking human hosts, but this time they had hosts waiting for them.

The endless rows of engineered simulants were the result of a deal struck between the aliens and Dwarf Star’s Alexander Rook (Wil Wheaton). This deal involved them providing him with futuristic technology, so that he’d become rich, in return for him building them hosts, so they can come through and “feed off of” our universe (i.e. ruin it, like they ruined their own).

These aliens are a late addition to a season already that’s brimming full of villains (Ryo, the dark Raza crew) and I’m not fully sure that they’re needed. We’re only two episodes away from the season ending and it seems like one too many cooks spoiling the broth, perhaps.

Six, Three and Two uncovering the conspiracy.

Furthermore, their introduction was essentially erased within the same episode – a nuclear warhead is sent down to destroy the base, which successfully destroys the hosts, but leaves Two unharmed, in FTL, thanks to someone in the guise of Three.

The real three is in fact safely abroad The Raza and presumably there were no copies of Three among the host pods, so that leaves two potential explanations, in my book. Either this one of the aliens inside some other host and the alien is simply choosing to show itself to her as Three (the same way they showed themselves as The Raza crew in Three’s visions), or, more likely, this is the dark version of Three from the alternate universe.

That would make sense, as it would swing us nicely back around to the dark crew, which in turn should bring us to Ryo once more – who should really be the endgame focus of this season. But that means the aliens have indeed all been wiped out (for now), which makes this kind of a pointless episode.

The conversation between Three and the aliens was great – we got a glimpse of who they are and what they’re after. The rest of the episode was good but somewhat of a comedown, compared to the heights that we’ve been experiencing this season.

The promo for next week reveals a dinner invite to Zairon and Two being held prisoner (which ties in with the above being the dark version of Three). It looks really promising and it’s exactly the kind of content that we need to run us into the finale.

It’s also worth pointing out that Mallozzi answered some fan questions recently, one of which was whether a Dark Matter/Killjoys crossover might happen. He replied that it’s theoretically possible. He also said that creatively, he thinks it would be a blast. I’m taking that as an indicator that it probably will happen – if both sides are game, the odds are in its favour.

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