Dark Matter: Season 3 Episode 10 review – Built, Not Born

By ·August 5, 2017 11:30 am

This review contains spoilers.

Mallozzi promised this episode way back before the season had even begun. An episode where The Android’s origins would be revealed, coupled with a surprising link between The Android and Two. He definitely wasn’t kidding about the surprising nature of that link – this week revealed a complex backstory with some highly unexpected reveals.

While I expected an episode full of flashback content, what we got instead was an episode set wholly in the present, with a couple of flashback montages sprinkled within. It’s another example of Mallozzi usurping expectations, which he has accomplished more than a few times this season.

One risk, in delivering a mythology-heavy episode like this, is complexity. The speed and density of the reveals this week could easily give cause for some to complain that it was a little difficult to fully follow. Fans are probably viewing Shaw’s addition in one of two ways: either you’ve been wowed by its boldness and you’re reeling in the brilliance of it, or you thinking the confusion that it brings is now weighing the show down.

The crucial reveal was that The Android we know and love was actually based on a real human being; Dr. Shaw, who looks identical, but holds a different accent. It is she who forged and governed this android community, alongside her lover Two (known then as Rebecca), whose development she also oversaw. Which of course Two doesn’t remember.

Victor and Two.

The romantic relationship between Two and Shaw is a great touch, in my view. It brings yet another emotionally beautiful LGBT relationship to television, even if we don’t know much about the interplays or their coupling yet. And even though it’s a thing of the past, not of the present. Whether this will affect Two and The Android’s friendship going forward, is one key question, as is whether Two and Shaw will ever reunite in any fashion (I realise this is unlikely, but you never know).

Shaw was frozen in stasis until now and came out of that stasis in this episode to find a world without the Rebecca she knew. Shaw then helped Three bring Sarah into a real-world body – resulting in her becoming an android with a human mind, which is highlighted as being a very dangerous combination.

This lends some great potential for the final few episodes. One thing to ponder is whether Sarah will still want to remain on the Raza and be around Three, or whether the power of her new role will go to her head and she’ll leave in pursuit of helping this group in their ideals.

The reveal this week was pitch perfect – I love the introduction of Shaw and the relationship that once existed between her and Rebecca. The transformation of Sarah was also a valuable step forward. I do think the episode got a little weighed down in its own complexity, but for avid fans – that’s no real problem at all. This is exceptionally inventive Science Fiction, as always. Now, where’s that renewal?

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