Dark Matter: Season 2 Episode 7 Review – She’s One of Them Now

By ·August 13, 2016 12:21 pm

This week the crew of the Raza finally came face to face with Alicia Reynaud and acquired something of considerable power. Devon Taltherd (Shaun Sipos) was also provided with a heavier focus this week, culminating in a rather sorrowful ending. Below you will find our spoiler-heavy review of this week’s episode.

Clones is a Science Fiction trope that up until now, the show hasn’t really had an opportunity to explore. This week, however, we got to see Three, Four and Five utilise clone technology to get aboard Reynaud’s ship, all in an attempt to find out what the keycard that they hold actually does. Thanks to Five, they come away from the mission not only with far more knowledge about the device and about who Reynaud is, but also with all of the components needed in order to use the device themselves.

The idea of a device that can cross space with teleportation-like ease is one much used within the SF genre, right down to the explanation of folding a map over onto itself, so that the two points touch. We see why the powers would seek this device, but we don’t feel that it’s quite as powerful as some characters made it out to be. Hopping space at the click of your fingers is only useful to arrive at or escape a situation quickly and for little else, which makes us wonder if the device indeed does more than our crew have been led to believe.

The crew of The Raza, sitting down for a team deliberation.

The crew of The Raza, sitting down for a team deliberation.

The episode left us with the crew deciding to test out this device on The Raza, which seemed a little overly risky to us, given that they had never seen it in use. The device is activated, they try to shut it off with no luck, then the ship vanishes, leaving us wondering what happened. Within the promo for next week’s episode (future spoilers abound), Stuff to Steal;People to Kill, the crew come across an earlier version of themselves and strive to go after this other Raza. This means that the crew have travelled in time, when using the device, and we cannot wait to see how this plays out.

Devon was granted a heavier focus this week, mostly through his friendship with Nyx. Each week it feels like Nyx forms a new and profound relationship with a different Raza crew member, which is great, as it shows that she is fully becoming part of the team, but it does make us keep having to rethink who her closest and truest friend is on this ship.

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Devon Taltherd, played by Shaun Sipos.

Devon Taltherd, played by Shaun Sipos.

The heavy focus on Devon made sense by the episode’s close, which brought with it Devon’s death at the hands of those who are hunting down Nyx. We didn’t see this coming and neither did Devon, by the expression on his face. The final shots of the episode left us with Nyx, looking like a forlorn puppy waiting for a companion who will never show, which to us, was an endearing and sorrowful image to end on.

This episode provided us with a true heist situation – sending in crew members to extract a device – layered with SF ideas (clones) and we loved it. We do feel like Reynaud was a little too easy to steal from, which relates back to our supposition that maybe the device does far more than she let on. It wouldn’t be too out there to assume that Reynaud might be playing the crew and that she allowed them to escape with it intentionally. Either way, next week’s episode looks set to be a great one.

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    1. I don’t think Devon is dead. They spent too much time establishing the need for his role on the ship and Five’s crush (and ensuring viewers know his age). Plus he was still breathing in the final shot. He was only stabbed and only once. The next episode they only say they ‘heard’ from Nyx with no indication that she was back in the ship and not still on the station. We also don’t know the exact time of their re-entry…it sounded like Android was saying they would go back to the exit point which also has implications for Devon’s survival. However, I am surprised Mr. Hart ignores all these obvious signs so perhaps he knows more than we do! Guess we will see!