Dark Matter: Season 2 Episode 3 Review – I’ve Seen the Other Side of You

By ·July 17, 2016 8:30 am

When this show is over and looked back upon, we feel that this week’s episode will stand out as one of the most memorable and crucial episodes. This is for the simple fact that it explores the wonderfully speculative ‘what if?’ question that is: what if the crew of the Raza reverted back to their old memories?

It’s a strong concept which results in an insightful episode, all of which adds to an excellent second season for the show, so far. Below you will find our spoiler-heavy review of this week’s episode.

Talking of our crew’s older memories (pre-the original wipe), Five explains: “They were never really wiped. They’re still there – you just can’t get to them. It’s like a part of your brain that’s been walled off.” This episode sees our characters not only lose the last year or so of their memory (everything that occurred after the first wipe), but they also get back their memories from before the initial wipe. This means that everything that they have learned and become through this show’s existence is scrapped and that they revert back to who they were prior to when the show started, at which point all of them (bar Five) led far more criminal and ruthless lifestyles.


Two cowing under the threat of Five, in a virtual construct within both of their minds that is made to appear like the time in Two’s life when she was at her weakest.

The episode’s opening cleverly starts with Five being pulled from a vent by the rest of the crew. We assumed, while watching this scene, that this was a flashback (the first time that the crew found Five as a stowaway on board, back when they were ruthless criminals), which is a clever subversion of expectations. From there, the show quickly reveals that this is not a flashback, but is rather in the present, following everyone in the crew having had their memories altered, except for Five.

We were then provided with a sharp juxtaposition for viewers, as we got to see the differences between how our crew act now and how they acted back then. Two is violent towards Five, to the point where she threatens to blow Five’s head off. Four resorts to violence within the immediate few seconds of waking. Three is sceptical to a fault, when Five tells him about such things as having saved his life once.

It’s a scary yet highly insightful glance into who these characters really were, before the events of the show. You have to assume that there is a little of that left in all of them, to some degree, but the crew have evolved so much since that fresh slate was given to them that we’d hate to see them return on a permanent basis to their old selves. When offered this choice by The Android, who explains to the crew that “you would become what you were”, Three refuses, stating “I decided I’m not going through with it. For now anyway.”


Three observes a model rocket, which was retrieved from a locked box only because his more ruthless self knew the combination code.

A beautiful close to the episode is the moment where Three picks up the model rocket and makes a rocket sound with his mouth. It’s a childish action, which even Five only grants a polite chuckle over, but it’s important as it highlights the innocence of the man that he’s become. The Three we know is open to making foolish sounds in front of someone that he considers to be a friend. The Three that he once was probably wouldn’t have let anyone get that close (apart from Sarah).

This episode also showed us a side of Two that we’ve never seen before – a cowed and weakened version of her. Two is known for being strong in the face of any threat. As Five explains here, she was treated so poorly when younger that she’s had to develop into that person. But within Five and Two’s virtual moment, we got to see the setting of the weakest moment in Two’s life, and we got to see Two cowed by none other than Five – who is usually the most timid member of the crew.

This week posed a brilliant speculative question and answered it very well indeed. We’re only three episodes into this season and we already feel like the writers over-delivering on our expectations, which is wonderful. If this is what the early season brings us, then we cannot wait to see what’s ahead for the crew of the Raza.

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