Dark Matter: Season 2 Episode 2 Review – Kill Them All

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Last week’s season opener depicted the crew of the Raza being introduced into the Galactic prison known as Hyperion-8 and closed out with death of an important crew member. This week elevated the stakes, providing an episode full of action and interrogation, all of which reminded us precisely why we love this show so much. Below you will find out spoiler-heavy review of this week’s episode.

One week later, we’re still impressed by the simple fact that One is dead. Last week closed out with One being murdered by Jace Corso (the true Jace Corso, whose identity was stolen by One, A.K.A. Derrick Moss). It was a bold move – to permanently take away one of the core six characters that this show depends so heavily upon. If any of the six are losable, however, then it is certainly One, who is the weakest of this strong ensemble. Jace Corso still being around allows the writers the benefit of keeping Marc Bendavid on the show, despite One’s death, which is a smart move.

The close of last week also introduced Franka Potente to the show, who seems to be playing a string of villains on U.S. TV shows of late (The Bridge). Personally, we’re not fans of Potente and what she brings, but this is no slight on her acting ability, nor her effectiveness within the right projects (Run, Lola, RunThe Bourne Identity). We’re glad that she didn’t last too long here.

Hyperion-8 - the prison in which the crew of the Raza are being held captive.

Hyperion-8 – the prison in which the crew of the Raza are being held captive.

In terms of new characters, we much preferred Nyx Harper (Melanie Liburd), who escaped with our crew and is now on board the Raza. This excites us as it implies that she will be a series regular. We know that she can fight – and “surprisingly well,” according to Two. Her and Two have also formed a small bond of sorts, so we’re interested to see how that relationship flourishes (or perhaps ignites). One important role that One played was being someone who was close to Two and who could play off of her well, so we’re assuming and hoping that Nyx has been designed to fill this role (possibly even in a romantic capacity too, who knows).

The episode began with our Raza crew assimilating to life in the prison, then quickly moved into interrogations and then prison break territory, as the crew used the full array of their skills to find a way out of the Hyperion-8 complex. It was the little things that made this work for us, such as Three asking Nyx how she had access to make-up inside of a prison (which is something that – if not answered – would have remained a flaw, because we did notice it) and then Three bartering for her lipstick and using this to draw his blueprint of the prison.

Ellen Wong as Misaki - a warrior from Four's home world who is sent to retrieve him.

Ellen Wong as Misaki – a warrior from Four’s home world who is sent to retrieve him.

Four had his own subplot, alongside the prison break, when Misaki (Ellen Wong from Scott Pilgrim Vs the World) brought a crew to extract (while respecting the legal and political boundaries) Four back to his home world for execution. We loved how – once Four and Misaki became entwined in a sword fight – Five simply shot Misaki and apologised to Four with “I’m sorry but we’re kind of in a rush.” The blast didn’t seem to be lethal, however, which pleases us, because we’d love to see Ellen Wong as a series regular this season.

Five’s line is not the only quote that had us smiling this week. Three is known for his quips and witty remarks and this week did not let us down. Our favourite this week was when he was offered immunity and he retorted with “I’ve just put a downpayment on a new toothbrush.”

Five felt centre stage this week, however, due to the new character Alicia Reynaud tracking Five and calling her “our asset”. In the final scene of the episode Reynaud states “now let’s go get them,” referring to the crew as a whole, rather than just Five, so we’re interested to see what she has in plan for our band of ragtag criminals.

The Android, mid-killing spree.

The Android, mid-killing spree.

The episode closed with in an impressive burst of action that revealed where the episode’s title stems from. As Franka Potente’s character is trying to force Five to command The Android for her own gain, Five instead commands the android to “kill them all,” which sends our beloved AI into a kill spree. She does hesitate at times, which implies that she is thinking about her murderous actions, but ultimately she abides by Five’s command and executes everyone in the room except for Five.

Six taking a few bullets and having to be placed into stasis was undoubtedly the writers’ way of punishing him for his prior sins, just enough so that the we (and the crew) forgive him and allow him back into the fold.

The crew having left Hyperion-8 so soon seems hasty, narratively speaking, but in truth there is only so much that the writers can do within the confined setting of a prison, so we fully understand their need to set the Raza crew free and have them back out in the open reaches of space, where anything can go wrong and anyone can hunt them down.

So far, this season has been taught, exciting and is pulling no punches. We’re only two episodes in and we’ve already been granted the death of a core character, an AI killing spree, a prison break and more. This shows that the writers are fully on top of their game and we’re very excited to see what’s coming next.

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  1. I think that by “our asset” Alicia Reynaud’s character was referring to one of the three new arrivals on the Raza — my money is on the Medic — who are their agents tasked with helping them reaquire Five.