Dark Matter has been cancelled and we’re heartbroken

By ·September 2, 2017 1:18 pm

News hit yesterday that Dark Matter – our of our favourite shows and one that we’ve championed since we formed as a site – has been cancelled. This is the lethal news that fans were dreading but which many of us thought might never arrive.

The show is simply too good to fall foul of an early-axing. Yet, it’s happened. Often the very best shows are the ones to find this axe in their back (Terriers was the other great tragedy), while shows of lower quality are allowed to continue on, under the same network. It’s the pitfalls of the television industry being a financial game – one in which viewing figures and the whim of network heads are king.

Season 3 recently wrapped up – another smart, inventive and beautiful season from Joseph Mallozzi – which was the third in a five-season plan. This means the cancellation has stolen two whole seasons of Dark Matter – seasons that would have further explored future-Five’s promised events, which would no doubt have brought us more unparalleled Science Fiction and most importantly of all: would have brought us more from the characters (and cast) that we all love so dearly.

This makes Season 3’s closing alien threat potentially the final scene of the show, rather than just a lingering cliffhanger for Season 4.

Mallozzi has commented only briefly on the cancellation – his pain showing clearly in the brevity of his response:

To say that I’m incredibly disappointed would be an understatement.

I’ll save my comments and field your questions in a future blog entry.  For today, I just want to extend a heartfelt thanks to my amazing crew, my wonderful cast, and to all of you, our incredible fans.

You all deserved better.

SyFy have declined to comment on the cancellation – a sure-fire sign that they know they’ve butchered a show that has a huge and passion fandom. They’re a network who use ‘fan’ in their marketing angle (‘it’s a fan thing’), but who seem to disregard the fans when it matters most. Being a fan of television for many years has taught me not to take these things lying down – The Killing was brought back from cancellation twice, partly due to fan-fervour.

Hannibal was recently resurrected too (this one was also down to waiting for a license to expire). These days, the chances of a show being picked up by another network (or less likely – the decision being reversed by the guilty network) are much stronger. So it’s important not to give up hope just yet.

We’re certainly ready to fight, if you’re willing to join us. Twitter is the vehicle to voice our collective discontent and that’s the place that to start. #Savedarkmatter already exists as a hashtag and is being used by many. We implore you to join the fold – use it as often as you can, citing your dismay. Help to get the hashtag trending and we’ll go from there with other plans to reverse this travesty.

If you have any ideas – we’re all ears. Let us know in the comments section below. As Mallozzi said – we all deserved better than this.

Image credits: SyFy

Written by Christopher Hart

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  1. I am greatly disappointed in the cancellation of Dark Matter…if I could not be home to watch i DVR’s it. will be greatly missed!!!!Bring it back

  2. It feels like “Firefly” all over again. Maybe the network executives had their memories wiped and forgot what good scifi looks like. Only we’ll refer to them as “zeros”. “Killjoys” over “Dark Matter”? Idiots.

  3. I am in. I hope Netflix can pick it up. Not sure what else to do but tweet. Cancelling this show is totally outrageous. The worst part is that it is completely unresolved it ended in the worst possible cliffhanger. Way to shaft the fans, SyFy.