Brand new Aliens POP! Vinyl and ReAction figures coming late summer

By ·April 27, 2016 10:04 am

As part of yesterdays Alien Day celebrations, Funko announced new Aliens releases to keep fans salivating.

First up we have a new Aliens entry into their ReAction range and it’s not just one figures it’s a mighty three pack! The new three pack contains Ripley, Alien Queen and the infamous Power Loader suit. If you’ve ever wanted to recreate the Power Loader scene from Aliens this is the set for you. The Aliens three pack will be available to purchase at some point in August.

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The final reveals from Funko are two additions to their POP! Movies range, Ellen Ripley and a super sized Alien Queen. The details on ripley are on point especially her Reebok Stompers, but the real show stopper is clearly the super sized Alien Queen. It will stand over 6″ tall and looks spectacular, I’ve always felt Funko excels in non-human sculpts such as Slimer from Ghostbusters, Claptrap from Borderlands and the Cyber Demon from the new Doom Game. The Alien Queen makes no exception to this rule in fact I feel it’s one of their best sculpts so far and only furthers my opinion that funko really do excel with non-human sculpts.

The Alien Queen and Ellen Ripley figures will also be availble this August.



Image Credits: Funko

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