Become the Mother (or Father) of Dragons with these hatching Dragon candles

By ·June 11, 2016 10:09 am

Channel your inner Daenerys with these mythically magnificent hatching dragon candles. You may not have silver hair, you may not have your own khalasar or an army of unsullied, you may not even own a horse but you can sure as hell have your very own baby dragons.

Each hatching dragon candle is made to look like a golden, scaled dragon egg and upon use the wax will melt away to reveal one of three different baby dragons, either red, green or black. The candle itself is roughly 6 inches tall and measures around 5.5 inches at it’s widest part.

You'll randomly get one of these three porcelain dragons in your hatching dragon candle.

You’ll randomly get one of these three porcelain dragons in your hatching dragon candle.

I hazard to say these hatching dragon eggs could be used for a great cosplay display, imagine you’re dressed to the nines as your favourite Targaryen and BOOM! in a death defying display of fire (lighting a match) you could release your fearsome dragons (after several hours of candle burning) to reign destruction upon the seven kingdoms (slough)!

These eggs are not just for die hard fans of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones, being completely unbranded they would work well as gifts for fans of fantasy in general, dungeons and dragons, LARPing, World of Warcraft and any one of the many fictional universes to heavily feature dragons.

The hatching dragon eggs are exclusive to here in the UK and you can purchase one for £29.99, which may seem steep but given the fact it’s a unique item and you also get a (sizeable) porcelain dragon to keep forever, the price is justified. For our friends in the USA, Firebox ship internationally and the hatching dragon egg will cost you $43.39.

Will you be getting one of these hatching dragon egg candles for your collection? If so you can find them here, if not you’re going to have a hell of a hard time claiming the Iron Throne without atleast one dragon!

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