Batman v Superman: Was it everything I’d hoped it would be?

By ·March 27, 2016 12:37 am

Last Thursday I was whisked away to the premier of Batman vs Superman here in Cape Town, South Africa – and I have to say I got REALLY into it. Called around to find a friend that actually owned something yellow that I could cannibalize for a bat logo and super glued that baby right onto an old tee I had lying around, cut up another shirt for a cape and even painted my nails yellow with black bats on it….Never in my life have I worn so much yellow….but it was SO worth it!


As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of both DC and Marvel, I tend to get really excited about these types of movies and at the same time, anxious about whether or not the studios, actors, writers and directors are going to do the storyline…well, Justice, haha – see what I did there? (If you didn’t, chances are you missed the entire point and set up of the movie…just saying.) Anyway, I wanted to cover the a rather important point of what this movie is as thoroughly as possible, WITHOUT spoilers. This is something that many of us had been worried about.


The amount of outcry people, myself included, have had on the run up to this release, was the casting of the new Batman – Is he right for the role? Will he mess up the roll like he did with his portrayal of DareDevil? Can he really pull of the, “I’m Batman!” line?!

Well, everyone is going to have their own opinions here so I honestly don’t know and wont tell you what to think here, but personally for me, with the particular story arc that is the premise for Batman vs Superman, (not to mention from someone who hasn’t enjoyed a Ben Affleck movie since Dogma) I think he was actually pretty good. He carried the weight of the world as the Dark Knight well enough for me to actually forget who the actor was. So for that alone –

Five Fangirl Squeals to him.

Congrats Ben, you might make a fangirl out of me yet! (not to mention that I’m pretty sure his body is the best physical condition I have EVER seen it….)

Batman vs Superman might come off as “choppy” or “fantastical” to those you are unfamiliar with the story arc they are trying to introduce – it might also seem to be an almost dream-like quality, but for those who are willing to forget a lot of elements from the Batman and Superman movies we have seen before and embrace a new era of properly done Comic and Graphic Novel movies, you’re in for an awesomely wild ride!

Till next time!

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