An Overview of Overwatch’s Finale Animated Short: Hero

By ·May 25, 2016 9:51 am

Overwatch has finally come out with the last animated short. The short, titled Hero, comes across a little differently than the other three shorts.

This short doesn’t center around one of the main, playable character, but a young girl in need of a hero. The short starts off with a voice over of the girl’s mother who expresses that her daughter Is no more a child, but still a long way off from being a grown up. The girl, Alejandra, goes to the store for flour, as the mother continues to voice over, expressing that she would tell her daughter of the heroes that saved their world in an attempt to give her hope.

“…Because I want to give her hope. But I’m afraid that she could be forced to make a choice that would will decide the direction of her life.”

Just as her mother says this she runs into the Los Muertos gang that are beating up an Omnic in an ally way. This goes to show the controversy going on in this world between humans and the Omnics ever since the Omnic Crisis. Alejandra tries to tip toe around them, but they spot her easily, and try to coerce her into helping them. She keeps trying to get away from the situation, but just like playground bullies they take her money and throw it back and forth as they laugh at her.

After jumping into a car, Alejandra chases them down. As soon as she gets there she yelps at the site of one of the gang member, fainting before her. She hides behind a crate, and then here comes the intro of our hero, Soldier 76.


Of course the best part, the epic battle, ensues. Using just his hands, Soldier 76 easily beats the gang members, even with their weapons in possession. An amazing display of a gunfight then begins. A heavy duty minigun blasts bullets all around, as more gang members take to the roofs to shoot below. Soldier runs through them with ease, then shoots his own gun, sending his target ablaze in an explosion. With his technological mask he easily targets his enemies and sends them down.

With a brutal bash to the head to one of the members, he growls, “These aren’t your streets anymore.”

Of course this is all surprising and confusing to Alejandra, who becomes even more frightened with seeing this crude bashing in front of her.

A car comes to pick up the gang members, and they rush to it. Soldier is not about to let them go, but they throw a bomb that rolls right towards Alejandra. This is where he lets his heroism shine, and decides to save her instead. When they both get up he tosses her the money bag the gang members had stolen. Upon this she realizes that he is one of the heroes her mother had told her about. He declines he is one anymore and slowly walks away. However, with a smile as she watches him Alejandra says, “I think you are.”

The short closes with Alejandra running home with the flour, excited to tell her mom about what she had just experienced. Her mother closes off the short by saying, “

And then there are the times when I see her smile and the hope in her eyes, and I think, maybe I don’t have to worry about Alejandra after all.”

This was a great finale to the shorts, although we are sad to see them end. We can only hope that as Overwatch increases in popularity they will come out with more.

You can play Overwatch now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One now!

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