A new Justice League trailer just arrived

By ·October 8, 2017 2:09 pm

As promised by DC and Warner Bros – with some very precise marketing – a new Justice League trailer arrived a few moments ago, at exactly 9AM ET/6AM PT. With the film only a few weeks away, this is likely the final trailer for the film.

Given that we’d already seen a handful of trailers for Justice League, this trailer needed to bring something a little new and different, to stand on its own. Before watching it, my fingers were crossed for a better shot of Supergirl, while other fans have expressed that they’d like to finally see Superman.

We certainly got one of those things, but in not in the way you’d expect. Watch the trailer below:

The trailer is very Lois Lane-heavy towards the start. We got Superman, but in what appears to be only a memory or a wishful dream of Lois’. The trailer goes on to give us heaps of unseen moments, from Wonder Woman standing atop a statue to Cyborg catching Aquaman in the air and hurling him back into battle.

Unfortunately, we only get that same leg shot of Supergirl’s hologram and nothing more. So in terms of last minute reveals, DC are giving nothing away. And that makes sense, with such little time to go.

What did you think of this trailer? Did you want more Superman or Supergirl? Are you ‘all in’ for the film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Justice League arrives on 17 November 2017 in the UK and the US.

Image credits: DC, Warner Bros

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  1. We did get the same ol’ shot of Supergirl but the accompanying dialogue of Batman telling ‘the world needs superman’ kind of confirms it for me that Supergirl is in the movie but in flashback when steppenwolf attacked earth for the first time. If you look carefully at the opening scenes when steppenwolf appears and rends open the earth, he and his parademons attack on what looks like a valley and they are countered by the Amazonians.

    Now, I really don’t think the Amazons are gonna show up out of the blue, that mass army will have to be explained- like how did they even reach the city and all.

    Cut to the next few scenes, the battle is taking place in the city with the Justice league. I am certain that only and only the Justice league will tackle steppenwolf, it doesn’t seem like the Amazonians or thanagarians will help this time.
    So, yeah, my conclusion is that- the hologram of Supergirl will play a role as a catalyst or something in bringing back Superman and in also telling Bruce how to stop steppenwolf.

    P.S Supergirl really did scare steppenwolf so badly that he didn’t step on earth for thousands of years :p

    1. author staff

      Love this! Even if she’s only in it how you said, I’d still be happy with that. Love the idea of her having scared Steppenwolf away. A great comment!