9 questions we still have about HBO’s Westworld

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Westworld‘s sensational finale went through the Internet like a storm and left us speechless… but not unable to wonder what’s going to happen next. While many of the questions that lingered in the show for the entire season were satisfyingly answered in the final episode, not all is clear on the horizon. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy intentionally left some of the things hanging, and that will keep us guessing until 2018, when the second season is due to air.

We have rummaged our minds and came up with 9 questions that HBO’s Westworld still hasn’t answered and that will keep the discussion boards awake for two years at least.

Be aware that the article contains spoilers from the first season!

1] What’s up with the Samurai robots?

Maeve and co’s break-out attempt in the final episode led them to a room filled with robots that seemed to be taken straight out of feudal Japan. That would suggest that there is another Delos world somewhere out there, yet to be shown on the series. Which brings us to…

2] Just how many parks are there exactly?

The glimpse of the samurai world, as well as Maeve’s note that suggests her daughter is located in “park 1” suggests that the Western-themed park is not the only attraction Delos has created. It is very possible that there are more stylised worlds like Westworld, and we might get to see them in the future.

3] Is Logan dead?

Last we saw Logan, he was let go by William buck naked to gallop across the rolling plains into the horizon with his hands tied. But the directors have deliberately shown him alive the last time we saw him so that we can speculate about his fate: did Logan die in the park or is he still alive somewhere, plotting revenge against William?

4] What’s life like outside of the park?

We know that the show revolves around a Western-themed park where the wealthy can come to enjoy spicing up their lives. But what we don’t know is when exactly the story takes place, and what is outside? Where is the park located? Are we looking at a dystopian future? Or another planet even? Are larger things at play? Maeve wanted to escape and find that out – so do we.

5] What’s up with Elsie and Stubbs?

We could assume Elsie is dead since we saw flashes of Bernard choking her. Her death was never explicitly shown, however, so we are left to wonder as always. Stubbs, meanwhile was ambushed by the Ghost Nation while trying to trace Elsie. The fate of the two Delos’ employees is still a mystery.

6] What is Delos’ big plan?

Throughout the whole of season 1, we see or hear Delos trying to bring major changes into the park. That is why they want Ford unemployed, that is why Charlotte is there and that is why Theresa was trying to smuggle data out of the park. We believe the plan will be one of the major things to unfold throughout the show’s entire run.

7] Who else is a host?

Ever since the first episode, we have been speculating which of the Delos employees are actually hosts. The first answer came in episode 7 as we watched Bernard strangle Theresa at Ford’s will. But that doesn’t mean Bernard is the only one artificially made in the bunch. Is someone else a host as well? What about Ford himself? The speculation will keep us awake for at least another year.

8] Who’s controlling Maeve now?

We know that Ford had planned for Maeve to escape and arrive to the “mainland”, even if she thought it was her free will. Then what made her get out of the train in the last minute? Was this the true first sign of her consciousness or is someone else taking control over her?

9] What’s going to happen next?

Above all, we still have absolutely no idea how the show is going to unfold now. The first season ended with a bang, but now we will have to deal with the ramifications of that bang. Who will survive the massacre? What will Maeve do now? How will Dolores and William’s ‘relationship’ continue now? More importantly, what will Dolores do? How will the show go on without Ford? What other famous names will be cast in season 2? All we know is that the theme of the next season will be “chaos”, as opposed to season 1’s “control” (as said by Jonathan Nolan himself). Besides that, we can only buckle up and keep those fan theories coming until the next fix of Westworld reaches our doorstep.

What other questions keep you awake at night? Let us know!

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