7 Underrated Sci-Fi Shows You Should Watch

By ·April 16, 2017 9:56 am

Sci-fi is a genre that provides us with stunning effects, wonderful storylines and plenty of twisted humour, quirky characters and disgusting gore. There are many reasons for loving sci-fi and plenty of shows that provide a little bit of something for everyone.

While sci-fi shows have long been mainstream, there are still some occasions when a show appears on TV without getting the attention it deserves.

To change that and to hopefully introduce you to some fantastic TV shows, here are 7 underrated sci-fi shows you should watch.


It’s hard to know why hardly anyone has heard of this well produced show. The show follows a team of bounty hunters – who look perhaps a bit too good – working a way in an intergalactic environment. The show is fun, there are plenty of action scenes and the worlds are breathtakingly beautiful. You’ll be challenged watching the show in terms of the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, but it’s also not going to make you wonder too much – it’s fun, dramatic and edgy. There are definitely some elements of Stargate in the show.

Orphan Black

Orphan Black is worth watching if not just for the performance of Tatiana Maslany. She is absolutely brilliant in this high action and drama show about cloning. Not only is there plenty of fights and explosions, there’s also humour and moral dilemmas to ponder – you won’t be able to watch the show without thinking about these tough topics surrounding cloning and AI.

Real Humans – Äkta Människor

Now, the show might have an American adaptation but you would ideally want to watch the original Swedish series. The story is set in the parallel present with families having androids to keep the household chores in check. The relationships are complex and there are a lot of things to consider in terms of morality and behaviour. If you are a fan of TV show greats like Caprica and Battlestar Galactica, then you are going to love the Swedish series – you just got to get your hands on it.


If you want a show that’s fun and which tests the limits of decency, then Hulu’s Deadbeat is worth checking out. The show features a stoner and ghost medium Kevin Pacalioglu communicating with the dead for some quick cash. If you’ve watched Seth Rogen movies and loved them, then you are probably going to enjoy this show – it is guaranteed to make you giggle. On the other hand, if sci-fi is something you take deadly seriously and humour is unwanted in your life, you might want to give the show a pass.

In the Flesh

The show only ran for two short seasons, but if you’re into zombies then you are going to love it. The show follows a young zombie who is ready to return to his hometown after being ‘cured’. The whole show is a perfect study of what it’s like to be a minority and the dangers of bigotry – rather fitting for the current mood. The only downside is that once it’s done, you’re going to be angry for BBC to have cancelled the show. For zombie lovers, the show is definitely a release after the Walking Dead has been going downhill.


Powers would probably be much more talked about if it weren’t just available on the Playstation Network. The show has the disadvantage of being only available for such a small crowd, as it is a fantastic sci-fi show to watch. It’s a comic book adaptation and it features some big names like Eddie Izzard. The acting is, therefore, great and the writing is actually witty and clever. Almost good enough to buy yourself a gaming console just to watch the show!

Dark Matter

The show has not had enough seasons to be a master class in sci-fi, but it definitely started with a bang. The premise behind it is interesting – six strangers wake up in space without any idea of where they are, why they are there and who they even are. The show is well written and it provides enough cliffhangers to keep you coming back.

The above seven are definitely worth checking out, especially if you are running out of things to watch. You can get your hands on them online – some are available in streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, while most can also be bought on DVD. You should check out OZCodes.com.au for video retailers and save some money when shopping for sci-fi products. You can find a range of DVDs, toys, and other merchandise from the numerous retailers available on the site.

So, now you just got to pick the shows that appeal to you the most and draw your own conclusions. But if you ask us, these are shows that are underrated and worthy of attention!

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