7 shows to watch while we wait for season 3 of Rick and Morty

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The third season of the critically acclaimed science fiction cartoon Rick and Morty is coming. No one really knows when. Not even its creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland seem to know that. But it’s coming. And since we don’t exactly know the date, the wait is all the more excruciating for it.

With its unique and original storylines, distinct humor, and just a touch of nihilism, Rick and Morty is hard to top. But the need to fill the gaping hole that the wait has left for us is there, and there might be a number of options to choose from while we wait the long wait.

These shows are similar to Rick and Morty in one way or another, be it the humor, the uniqueness, or the characters, and will hopefully help us all get through this together.


If you’re reading an article on Rick and Morty, chances are you have already seen this sci-fi cartoon from the Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening. After all, it shares a number of qualities with the culprit of this article – it takes science fiction to a comedic realm and introduces characters such as unstable scientists and everyday guys to tell its story. Time travel, space travel, robots, aliens, paradoxes, “adult-y” humor, and that little bit of heart follow us throughout this cartoon. So if by some chance you haven’t seen it yet, you have seven seasons to catch up on.


I know, I know, it’s not an animated series. But it may very well be. Continuing the theme of crazy adventures involving space and time-travel, as well as every other science fiction-y thing out there, Doctor Who is here to fulfill your every need. And if you thought seven seasons of Futurama is a lot to catch up on, try the 827 episodes that this series has produced so far since it began its run in 1963. To be fair though, no one would blame you if you didn’t watch all of them – it’s quite safe to begin watching starting with the 2005 series and Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. Or if you just want to follow the newest storylines, it’s quite alright if you just begin with the series 8 of the new Who, when Peter Capaldi became the Doctor; you would be quite in time for his regeneration, which is expected to happen at the end of this year. Either way, even not being an animated show, Doctor Who is sure to fill some of the gaps that the lack of Rick and Morty has left in you.


Back in the early 1990s, MTV (back when it was actually a good channel) had aired Æon Flux, an animated series that has been described as “avant-garde” due to its original nature. Only 16 episodes long, the series tells a dramatic story of a secret agent from the country of Monica and her love-hate relationship with her lover and nemesis Trevor. With its unique style, where the characters barely speak throughout, it is sure to find some appeal in lovers of adult animation. Especially considering it deals with mature themes of sexuality and violence. Definitely worth checking out.


Cartoon Network had its glory days back then too, and one of the shows that came out of that was Samurai Jack, an animated tale of a young prince from feudal Japan that gets sent into the future by a demonic creature Aku where he is forced to defeat the monster and return back to his time. Having an unordinary animation style, the show stood out from its peers on the channel back in the day and gathered a fairly large fan-following; so when it was announced that season 5 would be airing in 2017, there has been quite a buzz going around the Internet. The new season is currently airing on Adult Swim, with two episodes in and four more to go, so you should get right on it!


Speaking of samurai, here’s a different take on them, in the form of an anime about a black samurai in a science-fantasy world who seeks revenge on his father, murdered by Justice, the greatest fighter in the world. If it sounds like a lot, it’s because it is. Being an anime take on blaxploitation, it combines it with samurai aesthetics and science fiction. Besides, the main character (who is literally called Afro Samurai) is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson which is always something to look forward to.


Another animated series from Adult Swim, The Venture Bros. is a re-imagining of Jonny Quest, as well as comic book heroes and other characters from pop-culture. Incorporating interesting and hilarious characters with countless pop-culture references (try and catch ’em all), it is a must watch for every comic book nerd out there. Hell, even if you’re not one, you will find multiple layers of interest in this show, which will definitely get you going until Rick and Morty decide to show back up.


Finally, this is a show that tells a story of a washed-up horse. If that’s not enough to make you want to watch it, then I can’t say anything else. It is a show that starts off completely differently from what it becomes later, and that might throw you off after the first few episodes. But if you continue watching you will be rewarded, as BoJack Horseman evolves from a silly animated comedy into something much, much more. If you enjoyed the nihilistic perspectives portrayed in Rick and Morty, then the deeper layers of philosophy of BoJack Horseman (mixed with ridiculous humor) will suit you just fine.

As we can see, there’s plenty to choose from while we sit in the limbo of Rick and Morty hiatus, so sit back, enjoy, and hopefully we won’t even notice as the announcement for a release date reaches us… cause we’ll be too busy watching something else.

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