5 reasons dragons should rule VR

By ·September 7, 2016 2:15 pm

You may have noticed by now that about half the conversations online about gaming these days concern what kinds of experiences are on the way with virtual reality. With some major headsets and large collections of games already released, we have some idea of where VR is heading.

But we also have a whole lot of unknown games to look forward to, and that opens the door to the best thing on the internet: pure speculation!

So, without further ado, I’m going to get into one of my favorite ideas for the future of virtual reality: that we’ll all be riding, battling, and slaying dragons. Here’s why it ought to happen.

1] Um, Game Of Thrones, clearly

Look, earlier this summer we posted a write-up on hatching dragon candles. Hatching dragon candles. That’s how big Game Of Thrones has gotten. This is one of the biggest fantasy series of all time, whether you’re talking about the books or the HBO show, and accordingly, it’s revitalized the popularity of dragons among more than just the fantasy-inclined. Everyone wants to be (or marry) Daenerys, and everybody wants to ride a dragon. And short of futuristic genetic engineering, only VR can make it happen.

2] There’s already (light) VR precedent

If you take a look at the experiences provided by Oculus, you’ll see that there is already a dragon VR game. It’s called Epic Dragon VR (of course), and it’s about flying on your dragon to pick up eggs (of light) to fight against the gods (of darkness). It’s a little bit like the scene in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire when Harry is swooping around on a broom trying to snatch an egg from a dragon, except in this case you’re swooping around on a dragon. Come to think of it, there should also be a Triwizard Tournament VR game, but I digress. The point is that VR has already laid the foundation for even more epic dragon games — this one is a pretty limited freebie.

3] And precedent everywhere else

It’s worth remembering that dragons have been popular in pretty much all modes of gaming since long before Game Of Thrones. Search “dragons” in your mobile store and you’ll come up with all kinds of different gaming results, from RPGs to film-based experiences to civilization builders infused with monsters. And it’s not just on mobile. Just recently, an exclusive “Dragon Rising” slot machine became one of the top games at Gala Bingo online, proving that dragons can dominate anywhere. When an internet slot machine can feature a giant dragon as its cover art and offer the chance to “tame wild dragons” through free spins, you know that any game can be made more interesting with a winged, fire-breathing beast.

4] Check Out 2017’s Anticipated Titles In Gaming

Seriously, check them out. First and foremost, you’ll see the spectacularly detailed and epic Scalebound, which was announced way back in 2014 and is finally expected to be released. But beyond specific dragon appearances, you’ll notice the general trend toward big, bold adventures full of monsters and dangerous creatures. At least thematically, popular games seem to be getting less realistic and more focused on fantasy. That’s a long way of saying it’s dragon time.

5] Just Think About It

Forget about other video games, Game Of Thrones, and upcoming titles. Instead, just think for a moment about the potential of a dragon riding and battling game in VR. This would be means of actually feeling like you’re on the back of a giant flying monster that can breathe fire, destroy villages, and of course, stash huge amounts of gold. You can imagine it any way you want — as a sword-swinging knight trying to fend off a dragon, or as a fearsome Targaryen lord flying on one’s back — it’s completely nuts either way. This would be one of the most unreal possible experiences on VR.


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