5 great horror comedies to watch on Halloween

By ·October 30, 2016 5:12 pm

This is Halloween: the most spooky time of the year. And what a better way to celebrate it by getting drunk at some lame party staying at home and watching movies. If you want to get your spook on but still want to be able to sleep at night, we have got five excellent film choices for you.

So grab your pumpkin-spiced beverage of choice and strap in.



Have you ever wanted to watch a road trip movie set in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? Look no further than Zombieland. This film from 2009 directed by Ruben Fleischer stars Jesse Eisenberg as a nerdy college student who has managed to stay alive so far due to his ever increasing list of rules (for example, now I know to limber up every day in case the zombie apocalypse hits). Along the way he meets Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, and together they decide to drive to Pacific Playland, which is said to be the one place in the United States of Zombieland without any zombies.

The best thing about this film is the likability of the main cast. Like most good road trip movies you get the feeling that you are hanging out with a group of friends… only this time there are zombies everywhere. Woody Harrelson in particular steals the show as the no-nonsense Tallahassee, a man on a quest to eat the last Twinkie on earth. Zombieland is a light movie about life in a darkened world, which makes it a joy to watch. Oh, and it features an instant classic celebrity cameo which will be the reason you will not forget Zombieland.


What We Do in the Shadows


What We Do in the Shadows takes the mockumentary format and runs with it. It follows the lives of Vladislav (Jemaine Clement), Deacon (Jonathan Brugh) and Viago (Taika Waititi), three flatmates who coincidentally happen to be age-old vampires.

The film derives its humor from portraying these vampires as mundane people with mundane problems, like deciding who of them does the dishes or takes out the recycling. Because they are so old, they have not really adapted to the lifestyle of the 21st century, so when a new vampire and his human friend join the group, a whole new world opens up for them.

If you are a fan of dry humor, this is the film for you. While a film filled with vampire joke after vampire joke could run the risk of getting stale after the first fifteen minutes, writers Jemaine Clement (who you might know as one half of musical comedy duo Flight of the Concords) and Taiko Waititi manage to come up with inventive ways to keep the concept fresh for its entire runtime. It is such a different approach to your standard vampire film, highlighted by great use of the mockumentary format. If you enjoy shows like The Office or Parks and Recreation, definitely check out What We Do in the Shadows.


Tucker & Dale vs. Evil


For a while Tucker & Dale vs Evil was THE film people would mention as the funniest film you have not seen. And if you have not seen it yet that is probably true. Tucker & Dale is simply hilarious from start to finish. It features Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine as the titular characters, two lovable hillbillies who visit their cabin in the woods to drink beer and do some fishing in typical redneck fashion. But when a group of preppy schoolkids mistakes them for crazy redneck serial killers, their calm vacation takes a turn for the worst.

It is a wonderful reversal of your typical horror film, and director Eli Craig uses the premise to its maximum potential. Tudyk and Tyler shine as the two main characters who just cannot quite comprehend why everyone around them suddenly appears to have gone crazy, and Katrina Bowden is adorable as the girl caught between both sides. But the best thing about Tucker & Dale is the high number of jokes the creators have managed to cram into it. The movie never slows down, so if you are looking for a high energy film full of laughs, Tucker & Dale vs Evil is the choice for you.


The Cabin in the Woods


From one cabin in the woods to another, literally. The Cabin in the Woods is a 2012 film by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, and it details another vacation gone wrong. Five friends decide to visit a cabin in the woods for the weekend, which you know is probably a bad idea if you have ever seen any horror movies. Such is the case here, when an attack by a family of murderous zombie killers has them fighting for their lives. And while that is bad enough, more is going on than meets the eye…

Calling The Cabin in the Woods a horror comedy might be a bit of a stretch, although the film is certainly not without its funny moments. The film’s real strength lies in the fact that is basically a deconstruction of classic horror movies. It is hard to go into further detail without spoiling anything, so I will just say that you should watch this film if you haven’t already. Do not read or watch anything more about it, just go into it blind. I did the same when I saw it in theaters, and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have had. Just when you think it has met any expectations you might have had, it goes and shifts things into the next gear. The Cabin in the Woods might not be as funny as the other films on this list, but it certainly makes up for it in terms of excitement.


Shaun of the Dead


Shaun of the Dead is a modern classic. There is a good chance you have seen it already, but if not, you should. Without Shaun of the Dead there is a good chance a film like Zombieland might have not even existed. It played a large part in establishing the careers of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost after the early success of their television series Spaced, and that is because this film is just that freaking good. It details the life of Shaun (Simon Pegg), a 29-year-old man who lacks direction in his life. He has trouble balancing his relationship with his girlfriend, mother and stepfather and his friendship with Ed (Nick Frost), his brass unemployed best friend who lives on his couch. And what better way to gain that focus than during a zombie apocalypse.

One of the film’s best moments that is indicative of the kind of film Shaun of the Dead is, is the longshot of Shaun walking to the shop, unaware that he is in the middle of a zombie apocalypse because he is nursing a bad hangover. In moments like these director Edgar Wright brilliantly plays with the expectations that come with the horror genre, making Shaun of the Dead not only a great comedic film but thrilling as well.

Of course these five films are only a small selection of the wonderful horror comedies that are out there. If you have any Halloween recommendations, let us know in the comments!

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