2K Games release their E3 Mafia III gameplay trailer

By ·June 13, 2016 6:46 pm

The third installment of the sensational Mafia franchise has finally been given a trailer. The game, developed by Hangar 13, a new development studio under 2K Publishing, will see players transported back into a reimagined New Orleans, during the turbulent years of 1968.

Set once again in the treacherous world of organised crime, Mafia III will offer a captivating story, with Hangar 13 aiming to continue with their mantra ‘every player story is unique’, utilizing player choices. The game will follow the story of Lincoln Clay – a disenfranchised Vietnam veteran attempting to find some sense of family by joining New Orleans’ black mob. With his ‘family’ betrayed and murdered by the Italian mob, Lincoln sets out for revenge, waging a devastating war against the Italian mafia. Mafia III will see Lincoln gain allies over the course of the game, and eventually build his own empire, a family of his own, ready to transform the city.

Infused with era-inspired cars, fashion, and music, Hangar 13’s world of New Orleans will leave players fully immersed in this dangerous, tumultuous era of America history. A haven for organised crime, a cloud of corruption is hanging in the air of the city, with the Italian mob controlling a large number of rackets, while unscrupulous politicians and police line their pockets.

Dive into the rich story, choose which path you take on the long road to revenge, and build an empire worthy of taking complete control of New Orleans.  Use your cunning, stalking, and deceptive abilities against those who seek to do you harm, or simply plow through them with overwhelming firepower and pure, brute force.

Mafia III will be released on PC, PS4, and XBox One later this year.

Image Credits: 2K Games.

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