20 geeky accessories and gadgets to take your office workspace to the next level

By ·June 28, 2016 11:00 am

Are you a geek with an office job? Ever wish you could spice up this job with a personal touch and show off your geek pride? Well look no further! This list is just for you and is full of office supplies that will make you feel at home!

These items range from Star Wars to Game of Thones, and business card cases to trash cans. All products come from ThinkGeek, an amazing site with a lot more geek merchandise than just things for your office. With these items you are sure to be powered up to do your job to the best of your ability.


TGX Tactical Notebook- Buy for $6.99- $9.99



Build On Brick Mug- Metallic- Buy for $11.99



Star Trek Floating Enterprise Pen- Buy for $12.99



Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Laser Pointer- Buy for $14.99



Antiquarian Blank Book Journals- Buy for $18.95- $24.95



Han Solo in Carbon Business Card Case- Buy for $19.99



Justice League Paper Clips- Buy for $19.99



Executive Knight Pen Holder- Buy for $24.99



Game of Thrones Letter Openers- Buy for $24.99



Warcraft Chair Banner- Buy for $24.99



Doctor Who Extra Squishy Stress Toys- Buy for $24.99



Portal Bookends- Buy for $29.99



Star Wars R2-D2 AC/USB Power Station- Buy for $29.99



Back To The Future Desktop Hoverboards- Buy for $29.99



Doctor Who TARDIS Waste Bin- Buy for $49.99



DC TV Statue Paperweights- Buy for $49.99



R2-D2 Architectural Desk Lamp- Buy for $59.99



Brik Books Build-On Macbook Cover- Buy for $59.99



Warcraft Durotan Figural Phone dock- Buy for $69.99



Vault 111 SteelSeries Headset and Mouse- Buy for $59.99- $99.99


There’s even more geeky office supplies you can find right over at ThinkGeek’s Geeky Office Supplies category. You can also check out our pick of the 17 best kitchen accessories for all you geeks out there! Now you can have your geek love right in your kitchen as well as your office.

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