10 predictions for what will happen in Game of Thrones season 7 – Paths will cross, wars will be fought, and the fate of Westeros will be determined

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As strange as it might sound, Game of Thrones is coming to an end. With two more seasons left, with 7 and 6 episodes each respectively, the next two years will offer us closing plotlines, twists and some spectacular “endgame content”. Hopefully. As the show is way past the books at this point, it is left up to us, the fans, to speculate about what might or might not happen in the upcoming season.

And as of season 6, all signs are pointing to some epic, large scale things to happen. Characters’ paths will cross, wars will be fought, and the fate of Westeros will be determined in the next 13 episodes.

Here are a few considerate speculations as to what we can expect this summer, when season 7 finally reaches us.


It is known that the Wall is the only thing protecting the realms of men from the evil that lurks beyond. In the books, it is rumored that magical barriers are woven into the wall to protect it from the magical beings, such as the White Walkers. To add, the books speak of the mythical Horn of Joramun, a magical horn that supposedly has the power to bring the Wall down. While the show made no mention of it as of yet, there was one seemingly unremarkable scene in season 2 that showed Samwell and his brothers of the Night’s Watch discover a buried cloak full of dragonglass, and, that’s right, an old warhorn that didn’t draw their attention at the time. It is quite possible that the horn is in fact the Horn of Joramun, and it may play a larger role in the upcoming season as the war with the White Walkers approaches. Should it indeed be the legendary horn, and should it have the power to take down the Wall, it would be terrifying to leave it in the hands of the Walkers.


In the books, it is implied that Euron Greyjoy is in posession of a horn that can supposedly control dragons, and while the show didn’t make this implication yet, the introduction of this character in season 6 can only mean that he will be an important player in the game.


Sansa and Arya Stark have been separated since the second half of season 1, when Arya had to flee the Red Keep while their father was getting betrayed. Six seasons later, Arya is finally back in Westeros, and is likely to head North. As Sansa and Jon have retaken Winterfell and reside there, it is almost inevitable for the paths of the Stark siblings to cross again, which will undoubtedly result in an emotional reunion.


After seasons of scheming, plotting and betraying, Petyr Baelish is beyond redemption, and it seems like his time is coming. He currently resides with Sansa and Jon at Winterfell, and the season 6 finale has hinted that Littlefinger might try and turn the two Starks against each other to compete for the rule of the North. We know that Baelish strives in the times of chaos, so it would seem like something he would do for his own benefit. Moreover, his well-known affection for Sansa is also likely to contribute to his downfall. And on top of that, should Arya really return to Winterfell, she becomes a strong contender to be the person that kills Littlefinger – he’s been on her little kill-list for quite some time.


You don’t call your series A Song of Ice and Fire without a reason. Two of the major players in the game that have spent the first six seasons a world apart are bound to cross paths, and it will likely happen sooner rather than later. Now that it’s been confirmed that Jon is indeed a Targaryen, it will be one of the major plot points for the two remaining Targaryens to meet. What happens afterwards, however, is up for extensive speculation. Some say they will share a romance, and although I’m personally inclined to disagree with this theory, I have no doubt that their duo will play a major part in the endgame of the war to end all wars. And if Jon gets to ride a dragon too, well, don’t be surprised.


It has been brewing for a while now, and it seems like this plot point is ripe to happen. I have talked about this in my analysis of Jaime Lannister, the prophecy that Cersei received when she was a child about the valonqar (little brother) choking her. While that line was cut out from the prophecy in the show, it is still pretty fair to assume that Jaime the Queenslayer is a big possibility. Looking at where Cersei is right now, it is clear that she is quickly going down the path of the Mad King, who wanted to burn King’s Landing down – and blowing the Sept of Baelor up in the last episode of season 6 only confirms that. Jaime, meanwhile, would have to kill his queen, just like he had to kill the Mad King Aerys when he was about to torch the city. It is entirely possible that right after killing Cersei, he would die as well somehow. For both of them, it would mean their incestuous romance going full circle, as they came into the world together – leaving it together would only be fitting.


Everyone has been borrowing money from the Iron Bank of Braavos, from the Lannisters to Stannis, and no one seems to be in a hurry to pay back. We have seen that Tycho Nestoris (played by Mark Gatiss) doesn’t take things like that lightly, so it is to be expected that he is making plans to come to Westeros and collect what’s his. That would mean an economic disaster for the throne. As if there aren’t enough tragedies already.


Speaking of tragedies, here’s another one to the list. Since season 5, Jorah Mormont has been infected with greyscale, a disease that slowly turns one’s skin to stone and mind to madness, and with him coming to Westeros, that might mean some terrifying things to the country. We have seen Shireen Baratheon have it too, and whatever the maesters used to cure her will likely be in high demand in Westeros very soon.


Season 6 saw Sam travel to Oldtown with Gilly, to begin his training as a maester in the Citadel. There has always been a hint of mystery surrounding the maesters, as if they might possess some knowledge that the rest of the country doesn’t know. With Samwell finally at the Citadel, we might get a look at whatever is hidden in the fortress, and only hope that Westeros won’t suffer for it.


The Night’s King, the terrifying leader of the White Walkers, has branded his mark into Bran Stark’s arm last season, and Bran has the power to see the past as well as to warg into animals and even other people. This puts him at an incredibly powerful position, which means that he has it in him to influence the outcome of the final war in significant ways. That is a damn big responsibility for a child, but there is no doubt that he still has a huge role to play.

And this is just a smattering of possible predictions and theories for the upcoming season? If you have some more, please let us know in the comments!

Game of Thrones season 7 is due to start July 16th on HBO.

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