The Flash Season 3 trailer revealed at San Diego Comic-Con

By ·July 24, 2016 1:13 pm

The trailer for Season 3 of The CW’s The Flash was released at San Diego Comic-Con. Season 3, as fans know, will adapt the Flashpoint comics.

The trailer features a host of gems, including Eobard Thawne telling Barry that this world is a mirage and naming it “Flashpoint,” Iris’ heartbreaking line “we’re something else to each other where you come from, aren’t we?” and the first appearance of Wally West as Kid Flash. Cisco is also spoken of as being the richest man in America.

It’s a speedy trailer (excuse the pun), but within that quick flurry there’s a lot of content shown. The trailer then closes out with Eobard shouting “now who’s the villain, Flash?”

While the trailer does show Wally as Kid Flash, Jesse Wells as Jesse Quick is suspiciously absent from both the trailer and from any marketing material, which leads us to believe that she will either come in within the latter half of the season, or perhaps not in this season at all.

We’re in the process of reading the Flashpoint comics, as homework to prepare for Season 3. Arguably this is the most anticipated season of the show so far, due to the showrunner’s smart move to alert fans that Flashpoint will be adapted.

Are you excited as we are for The Flash‘s third season? Have you read or are you currently reading the Flashpoint comics, to prepare for the season ahead? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Image credits: The CW, DC

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