Deathstroke will be the primary villain in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film 

By ·August 30, 2016 1:43 pm

Hot of the heels of Ben Affleck tweeting out the baffling video below of what appears to be test footage for Deathstroke, The Wrap have since confirmed that not only will Slade Wilson be appearing within the DCEU (it’s why DC retired his character in Arrow, after all), but he’ll also be the primary antagonist in Ben Affleck’s upcoming solo Batman film.

Batman has an entire pantheon of villains that could have been selected for this Affleck solo venture. Our writer Oliver Ducker even actually posed a few that he would like to see appear (article below). However, we’re just as thrilled with the Deathstroke news; he’s a strikingly cool villain and we’d love to see what Affleck does with him.

Furthermore, the location of the test footage looks like it might be on the Batmobile runway within Batman’s subterranean lair. This begs the question of how Deathstroke knows Batman’s identity, which could easily be due to Lex or Amanda Waller, or some other leak.

Prior reports and rumours have stated that Affleck’s film won’t just feature one villain, but will in fact feature numerous villains, so for those who aren’t that keen on Deathstroke – there’s still hope that your favourites might appear.

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Our writer Oliver Ducker detailed above who he would like to see in the solo Batman film. Which villains would you love to see Affleck and Batman take on? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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